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Thread: Oledb32.dll Copy Error in XP SP2 Upgrade

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    Oledb32.dll Copy Error in XP SP2 Upgrade

    I have been trying to upgrade Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005 SP2 to SP3 using Microsoft's upgrade software downloaded and burned onto a CD blank. Every time that I try to upgrade SP2, I get an error stating that it cannot copy the oledb32.dll file. I have copied the oledb32.dll file to another folder and tried to use it but to no avail. I have searched Microsoft's TechNet but I didn't find any help. Does anyone have some information on how to solve this issue? While I have seen other similar posts on the version of the oledb32.dll file, I don't know what version is required for the SP3 upgrade or why the oledb32.dll file is copy restricted. Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Oledb32.dll Copy Error in XP SP2 Upgrade

    The best way to fix this error is by downloading the dll file. You can download that manually or even extract from other working system. For that first get the working file and go to My computer. Open up your Windows folder and then copy paste the file in the System32 folder. In that it will ask you for the replacement of existing file. You need admin login for this.

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    Re: Oledb32.dll Copy Error in XP SP2 Upgrade

    Thanks for the post. I tried your suggestion but it doesn't seem to work. I even went into the safe mode, logged in as the administrator (even though my user account has administrative rights) and copied the oledb32.dll file that I had downloaded from an internet site into the Windows\System32 folder. But no luck, the upgrade from SP2 to SP3 stopped at the same place, when it tried to copy the oledb32.dll file.

    Since I was in the safe mode and logged in as the system admin, I tried to copy and paste the oledb32.dll file in the c:\program files\common files\system\ole db folder but the system will not let me do it. I did look at the properties of the oledb32.dll file and there is no attributes on the file that prevent me from replacing the file so Windows must be using the file after it boots up.

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