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Thread: How to Rip DVD’s in Linux Mint 10.0

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    How to Rip DVD’s in Linux Mint 10.0

    Is it probable in Linux to rip my copy of protected DVD's to our individual hard drive? I have installed Linux Mint 10.0 operating system and dual booting with the windows 7 in different partition. If these skirts on the boundary of authority for several of you as well as you donít desire to respond in release forum, please reply me. I don't want to create whichever problems here for anybody. But I in fact would like to support several of my DVD's, for the reason that in my household they can obtain dented dreadfully easy. The kids don't appear to have the maximum admiration for DVDs or CDís. so please reply me on this post.
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    Re: How to Rip DVDís in Ubuntu 10.0

    I am also certain that if you investigate inside the website of the linux you'll discover more option. I don't do whichever ripping for my part (excluding just this subsequent to respond your query) so I can't inform you if Acidrip is the most excellent. It appears like a essential tool - but I resembling to the basic tools I just experienced it. It comes into view to rip copy-protected discs. though, different DVD Decrypted for Windows, acid rip only appear to present the alternative to exchange the video to AVI or MPEG, rather than permit you to directly rip VOB files. I am in the procedure of testing, but it appears as although K3B is proficient of copying a cosseted DVD to whichever an ISO file or another disc.

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    Re: How to Rip DVDís in Ubuntu 10.0

    What they denote is that carry on for ripping encrypted DVDs isn't making openly into HandBrake. On Linux Handbrake utilize the documents installed on your machine to decrypt DVDs. This is done for 2 bases I believe, 1st since its general for Unix-like classification to share libraries as well as 2nd since it maintain HandBrake expansion legal in most of the world because it doesn't theoretically decrypt the protected DVD in query, the external librariess do. The Short tale is that HandBrake will rip profitable encrypted DVDs in Linux Mint, has a much simpler to appreciate interface as well as manufacture the most excellent videos when it comes to excellence versus size of whichever of the programs that anybody here has talk about. I have attempted them all.

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    Re: How to Rip DVDís in Ubuntu 10.0

    If you're attempting for shrinking your DVDs behind to moveable medium formats similar to DivX otherwise MPEG-4, you require the equivalent codecs installed. For Ubuntu consumer, that means bearing to Applications->include/eliminate writitng in gstreamer and installing all the packages that come up, along with put in the w32codecs surround from the Media ubuntu basis above. In other distros, attempt probing your installation programs for requisites like "codec", "divx", "limited," and additional pertinent phrases. The program I'll have to shrink dual-layer DVDs behind to burn-able size is K9 obtainable in numerous repositories. It's simple, it doesn't inquire 47 questions about your bitrates first choice, and it works frequently on its possess. even though it's KDE based, it perform in GNOME surroundings without took a lot of required libraries.

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    Re: How to Rip DVDís in Ubuntu 10.0

    For this procedure you will require to load a DVD into your DVD drive, start K9copy and choose the blue file icon in the top left place. The title filling of your disc will be exhibit, but don't stroke any of that yet. After that you will require to select t the "Settings" menu and choose "organize K9Copy". Choose the "DVD" group on the left of the menu that arise, then modify the "Output directory" to a suitable location. This is someplace the "AUDIO_TS" as well as "VIDEO_TS" folders that build up a DVD will go previous to an ISO is completed I had difficulty receiving the folders to go into a Windows-formatted store division on my Ubuntu system, and while I believe KDE-based users might have additional achievement, arrangement on containing at least 10 GB free on your real Ext3 (or Linux-formatted) drive or division. You can modify the "DVD size" setting here if you have problem burning to disc, but the defaulting 4400 MB is what the majority single-layer DVD-Rs can support very to rip.

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