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Thread: How to perform defragmentation in safe mode

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    How to perform defragmentation in safe mode

    I always say that the defragmentation in safe mode is more efficient than normal! Except it seems the defragmentation is not "available" in safe mode, because it does not work, even via the command prompt! Under Vista, it was nevertheless possible to start a defragmentation in safe mode via the command prompt! So why is it that this is not possible in Windows 7?

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    Re: How to perform defragmentation in safe mode

    I must say it does its job properly. I am a little mania performance and I never had to complain of the tool in Windows 7. I tested several software but I have never been able to say they're better (I'm talking about Windows 7 only). Some people feel more comfortable to use another tool. I think it reassures some people can actually control a visual tool instead of running in the background. But do not worry about the performance of Windows 7. There had already tests available on the internet that confirm this. So if you want then you can check this.

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    Re: How to perform defragmentation in safe mode

    I observe no reason to make use of safe mode if not there is a problem. Any appropriate firewall and a/v should not origin of this issue. I do not believe there was ever a matter. I have yet to run defrag or chkdsk or scandisk in safe mode if not there was a matter. If needed windows should prompt to do it at reboot. If so then it is supposed to be the primary run application. I would not at all disable A/v nor firewall unless I was removed from all networks.

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    Re: How to perform defragmentation in safe mode

    I also run defrag in safe mode, as only the bare necessary material is loaded and the defragmenter is able to run devoid of receiving interrupted by any program that’s running. The AV program or screen saver etc may break off the defragger. But I believe some third party tools run still in normal mode when the system is functioning. So just search for that application on to the Google I am sure that you will get it soon. Actually I will help you on this but I have to go Delhi today and that /is why in this I am little bit busy. After getting that application you just update here and if you are not getting that then also update so I will try to search that application after getting time.

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