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Thread: unable to reinstall ubuntu after format

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    unable to reinstall ubuntu after format

    I am using Ubuntu which is installed by my friend in my computer and now I have formatted the operating system and now trying to reinstall it again but I am trying this first time and having problem with installing. Is there any way to install in simple way? I need to install it on my old laptop. If some precautions I need to remember before installation then please suggest me and also give me different way to install this so I can try another method if one is not working.

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    re: unable to reinstall ubuntu after format

    I have some steps for installing ubuntu by using USB device.First you will require enough space in USB device for containing Ubuntu set up. It can be USB stick, USB hard disk or pen drive. First on the root directory on USB device, make a folder as install. Now make a copy of the installer kernel and the internal disk into this folder. For getting installer kernel and internal disk download source from internal. vmlinux and initrd.gz are files which you required for this. Then you want to have the installer that suits the design of your Ubuntu version which you want to install. Download installation iso image and to the root directory copy the folder isolinux. Now change the file name of isolinux in to syslinux. Now set the boot flag Use fdisk to make USB bootable. For installing a boot part on your USB device, use syslinux. Now the CD icon of the root directory you need to copy. Then this iso image will boot your system for installation.

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    re: unable to reinstall ubuntu after format

    I don't know the exact process of the installation but I can tell you some tips which you have to remember before installing the ubuntu. On the initial boot screen of Ubuntu, select to confirm the Ubuntu CD for updates. By following this you will make sure you have a total and correct copy of Ubuntu and are a small delay that will permit a successful install of Ubuntu and avoid potential troubles. If you are not a highly developed user then don’t install two operating systems.If you are using two operating systems then you will always require Wubi software.

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    re: unable to reinstall ubuntu after format

    I have some steps for you by using this you can install ubuntu on your computer. First you need to create partition manually in your hard drive. Confirm that you keep in mind your username and password and create it dissimilar than the one you at present use in Windows. For this thirty to forty minutes to set up. After installing this, every time you turn on your computer it will request if you wish to boot into Windows or Ubuntu. You will unable to use both systems together. At one time you need to boot either windows or ubuntu. If you don’t want to use the Wubi Ubuntu, then you can simply uninstall it by using the Add or Remove programs.

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