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Thread: How to get process viewer on Linux Mint

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    How to get process viewer on Linux Mint

    I am not so familiar with the Linux Mint operating system which I have downloaded recently on my desktop machine. I want to know that how can I launch the process viewer on this operating system. Actually it seems to be impossible to me but it obvious that there would be some way by which we can check the processes running currently on my machine.

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    Re: How to get process viewer on Linux Mint

    As indicated above, a process can be identified with its PID. To find it, there is a tool called ps. It displays the list of processes running (not necessarily all depending on options) with other information such as the command used to launch or condition. For information on available options with ps, the easiest way is to consult its manual page , especially as these systems as options may change. One common option is-e which will list all processes on the system (and not those of the current user only).

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    Re: How to get process viewer on Linux Mint

    Below is an example of displaying the use of ps. The option-o has also been used. It allows you to specify which information to be displayed. Without dwelling on the possibilities, you just specify here has been chosen to display the PID, PPID (parent PID), the owner and the user program.

     > Ps-e-o "% p% P% U% c"
        1 0 root init
      Syslogd root 506 1
     1411 1 root httpd
     1456 1 root login
     Tian 3713 1456 bash
     Tian 7083 3713 ps
    We thus find it here the init process that has no father (there is no process with PID of 0). Then present syslogd (responsible for registration information messages or error), httpd (web server program) and login. This allows a user to log on the system. We can see here that has to login son bash (bash is the PPID of 1456 that is the PID of init). This is the shell that is launched for the user to interact with the sustem. bash ps as child process that is created by the command issued to obtain this result. Ps does the program provides a snapshot of the current process. There is an executable that displays them at regular intervals. These top that shows the default process in descending order of CPU utilization. It also shows the memory usage making top administration tool useful for determining the resource-intensive programs.

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    Re: How to get process viewer on Linux Mint

    At a given process may be sent a signal. This can be seen as an indication the program asynchronously. The latter term means that the signal must be taken into account immediately regardless of the operations being processed. The person who designed the program can decide how to behave at the reception of the signal to replace the default. Part of the program responsible for this signal handler. A signal will be designated by its numerical value or by name. Since numerical values can vary from one system to another, it is better to use the name.

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    Re: How to get process viewer on Linux Mint

    There are two main commands, one showing the process, ps And the other jobs, jobs . The concept of process is more general: a process is uniquely identified in the system by its number. A job, however, is identified by a number that is unique only in the shell correspondent. This explains that we can not use jobs as for the shell process current. The display formats of ps are quite complicated, and we will only consider the process number, generally indicated as PID, and the name of the current command to find process.

    1. ps : process list of the shell current.
    2. ps-uuser : list of processes owned by user user. BSD or Linux ps-x is used.
    3. ps-ef : List all system processes in POSIX (Eg Solaris 26 , or Linux with the hyphen).
    4. ps-aux : List all system processes BSD . On Linux, you can also use this form without the hyphen.
    5. jobs-l : list of jobs with their job number and their number of system processes.

    Note also the top command , Which provides information on the process-intensive computing power.

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