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Thread: Create new service - instsrv.exe srvany.exe

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    Create new service - instsrv.exe srvany.exe

    Hello I want to create an application for a service I can build on already Windows2008 instsrv.exe same service. But on to the Windows7 operating system it is not and in this I got the following error message-You are not authorized to do this - please contact your system administrator although I already have admin rights, this does not work You know any solution for this issue.

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    Re: Create new service - instsrv.exe srvany.exe

    Here I just want some information from your side. Actually I want to know here that which way do you have the previously unsuccessful attempts. Keyboard input in the command line? Start a batch file? Start an application? Installation Script? Moreover, you have not written anything yet, unfortunately. So just try to give the information as soon as it is possible.

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    Re: Create new service - instsrv.exe srvany.exe

    In Windows 7, not a separate service with instsrv.exe srvany.exe and are created by the Windows 2003 Resource Kit. First, I copy the files to the system32 directory instsrv.exe and srvany.exe. Then I enter the following into the command line: instsrv srvany.exe "Windows Packager" "% SystemRoot% \ System32 \" Then, the error message: "Unable to find the file at the given path" It is interesting that when I create the following script a different error message appears:
    echo adding Windows Packager service
    echo off
    Add an echo service
    copy "% ~ DP0 \ srvany.exe"% SystemRoot% \ System32 
    copy "% ~ DP0 \ instsrv.exe"% SystemRoot% \ System32 
    instsrv srvany.exe "Windows Packager" "% SystemRoot% \ System32 \"
    After the third line, the error message that the service name is invalid. You can twist and turn the whole and how you want but it does not create a service. Hope this will work in your case.

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    Re: Create new service - instsrv.exe srvany.exe

    I'm also interested in this. How do I get installed srvany.exe. And it is only in "Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools" and one that's not officially supported for Windows 7. So it might not be optimal simply the executable is to download and execute under 7. Installed it in XP and copied srvany.exe of hand? And regarding this if you get any solution so please try to share it over here.

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