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Thread: These files can not be opened

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    These files can not be opened

    Hello friends, on to my Windows 7 I am unable to open the some of the files on to my operating system. Such as that of the Google Earth, Yoono and many other application. What do I modify specially to permit me to view it? I have looked for the all over the solution. But unable to get the solution for it. Please help me! What can I do now?

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    Re: These files can not be opened

    If you feel that it is the issue with the Internet Explorer that is creating the problem, then I will recommend you to reset the Internet Explorer back to the default settings. To perform the resetting to the Internet Explorer from the you should have to close all the application that is running especially the Internet Explorer.

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    Re: These files can not be opened

    I got the solution for this problem and it has already worked for me: Try to create another user. After creating with the help of the administrator toggle to the newly created user. Now in that from the run menu run the command regedit. Now you move on to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings. Under that select and perform the right click onto it and export it to the public folder or to the root directory. Then you should toggle back once again to the original user account. Remove the above keys and then run the exported .reg.

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    Re: These files can not be opened

    I do have the very similar kind of the problem. It comes out to be the setup.exe file which was placed in the folder with a in fact a very extensive name; I then reduced the number of characters in the folders name and then ran the setup.exe file once again productively. Hopefully this problem is not been created by the malicious virus. Also I recommend you to play with the settings and check if you can find one that will assist with your problem.

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