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Thread: How to use ANSI.SYS in Windows 7

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    How to use ANSI.SYS in Windows 7

    I am running a Windows 7 operating system on my machine and this machine has some DOS based programs out of which some programs uses the ANSI.SYS. Although windows 7 has this, using it in the classical way would be much better. device=<path>\ansi.sys in CONFIG.SYS does not help. I just want to know that which file gets replaced with the CONFIG.SYS in Windows 7?

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    Re: How to use ANSI.SYS in Windows 7

    CONFIG.SYS commands responsible for specific programs in memory and manage the operation of your equipment. For the most part, they are only used in the CONFIG.SYS file, with the exception of break commands, replace and set, you can also include in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file or type in the MS-DOS. Typically, the CONFIG.SYS file contains only some of these commands.

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    Re: How to use ANSI.SYS in Windows 7

    ANSI.SYS is capable to be loaded and utilized from the DOS command prompt, with the limitation that it can run simply in the context of the sub-system MS-DOS. Windows NT is not supporting ANSI escape sequences in Win32 Console applications. In order to load ANSI.SYS, you have to add "device = c: \ winnt \ system32 \ ansi.sys" in the Config.nt file from the System32 directory of Windows NT.

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    Re: How to use ANSI.SYS in Windows 7

    One time ANSI.SYS is loaded, you would be able to use any MS-DOS program that uses this driver. Still, if you wish to use ANSI.SYS to alter the manifestation of the command prompt, you may need to perform some additional steps. You have to add "dosonly" Config.nt file in order to highlight the command line prompt MS-DOS and run it from the same. Then you may execute the batch file including the ANSI escape sequences to highlight the prompt. As Ms DOS and CMD looks like same, but keep in mind that you won’t be able to start programs non-DOS from the command line and ANSI.SYS is a device driver based on MS-DOS.

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