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Thread: Access Violation at address 004AFD43 in module 'hotfix.exe'

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    Access Violation at address 004AFD43 in module 'hotfix.exe'

    I see lots of small window is marked with message: "Access violation at address in module 004AFD43 'hotfix.exe'. Read of address 00000000". I have asked to many friends but even they are not aware about this error message. So thought that there would be definitely someone over here, who would be knowing the solutions. Please tell me some solutions to fix this strange issue. It would be much helpful, if you describe it in details.

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    Re: Access Violation at address 004AFD43 in module 'hotfix.exe'

    You should first know that type errors "overflow" or "read in an unauthorized area" may come from bug in the game But in some cases, this may come from the user's machine. The problem may come from two areas: software or hardware. The software consists of Windows, the numerous patches & drivers. These can greatly influence the game result or remove bugs. The update can still be used if the game does not work correctly. (Also sometimes revert to an older version is needed) If you have a PC that is deemed unstable it crashes frequently in games, reboot, freeze, displays artifacts ... and not only in CPU, then there is a strong bet that the PC Hardware has a problem.

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    Re: Access Violation at address 004AFD43 in module 'hotfix.exe'

    It could then be a piece of the PC is faulty. Typical components are: RAM, power supply, graphics card. There are several ways to diagnose the hardware problems. The first is to use a tool for checking the RAM, like memtest86 + (free and available here ( This is a program to put a floppy disk or a CD. It will check the RAM. Its use is simple, just launch it and let it run a few minutes (the time for him to make a few passes), if the screen is filled with lines is that a problem was detected. The passes are being looped, it will take to leave (after a ten minutes) to esc.

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    Re: Access Violation at address 004AFD43 in module 'hotfix.exe'

    Another software to test hardware: memory + CPU: Prime95. This program has NEVER wrong, it made the calculations and if it does not find the expected answer, then your machine must be a problem. To use this software just to run it, tell him that we launched just want to stress test. Then go to the Options menu, choose 'Torture Test'. It is the preferred choice of In Place Large FFTs' and do OK The screen will fill line indicating that the calculations are done correctly. If that fails, a message will notify you. It is recommended to run the program as long as possible (15 minutes is a minimum, 30 minutes is normal for a quick test) to track down problems that occur over a long period of work the machine. The stop is also made here via esc.

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    Re: Access Violation at address 004AFD43 in module 'hotfix.exe'

    To test the video card. The best way is to run another set of resource-intensive and verify that no problem arises. Software such as 3D Mark may be used. Finally, there is software for monitoring PCs and tensions including the PC. This allows you to see the minimum and maximum achieved. Voltages fluctuating too brings stability problems. Found in this software (free forever) the comprehensive Motherboard Monitor and SpeedFan, much lighter. (To find the minimum and maximum values of a, let the mouse pointer on the value. A bubble will appear to give additional details). We consider a good when its voltage fluctuation compared to the nominal value remains below 10%. A problem detected on MemTest (will appear on Prime95) is synonymous with RAM or motherboard faulty.

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    Re: Access Violation at address 004AFD43 in module 'hotfix.exe'

    There might be chances that a problem in premium 95 but not in MemTest, involves the processor and motherboard. (Can be overclock) Tension is a problem related to power the PC, which seems too weak to carry the load. This interpretation is however "basic" and may require further testing. But if one of the diagnostic methods indicates an error. It is most preferable to care. To properly clean the CPU fan, remove the fan and clean out the radiator. The dust interferes with the flow of air that can cool the radiator.

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