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Thread: Installing windows 7 to 64Gb SSD gives Installation Error: 0x80070057

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    Installing windows 7 to 64Gb SSD gives Installation Error: 0x80070057

    I have recently purchased a custom built computer and all the things went fine compare to my previous experience. I have make use of a solid state drive ( ssd) 64 gb for the operating system install. It functioned by means of no troubles for about two weeks. On the other hand, I after that tried a new custom install on the way to the solid state drive (ssd) furthermore got said error. I speak to corsair technical support for the solid state drive (ssd) as well as they consider it might have malfunctioned. I RMA the solid state drive (ssd) furthermore at the moment have been sent a brand new one from the maker. at the moment I attempt new custom install on brand new solid state drive (ssd) as well as windows tried on the way to install for a moment after that said that windows cannot format a partition on disk 0. The error takes place at the same time as organizing the partition chosen for installation. Error code: 0x80070057. My computer specifications are:
    corsair 800d case,
    asus p6td deluxe mobo,
    ati radeon hd 5870,
    corsair 12gb dominator ram with airflow cooler,
    i7-930 with h50 cooler,
    corsair v64 ssd for the os,
    3 other wd hdds which are disconnected so the os loads on ssd for sure,
    850w modular psu, fan controller with 5 more fans(7 total) for great cooling,
    sony optc dvd burner drive.
    Please any assist or anybody run into this trouble earlier than? Thank you for any responses.

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    Re: Installing windows 7 to 64Gb SSD gives Installation Error: 0x80070057

    I am also having the similar problem. by means of the western digital WD3000HLFS I obtain the error 0x80070057 fail on the way to Format the chosen partition.The first occasion I attempt installing windows 7 it functioned .however after that at what time I restarted I acknowledged HDD errors - system files corrupted. With reference to 10 files. After that Windows 7 will not start.The next install - it prompts me for the product key - not anything had altered!After that it will not install: I started getting the 0x80070057 error.I encompass a ASUS MVP-32A32-MVP motherboard. I am using windows Vista as well as a half, I did go all the way through the Windows 7 upgrade guide furthermore the whole thing was well.

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    Re: Installing windows 7 to 64Gb SSD gives Installation Error: 0x80070057

    I was presently inform by a Corsair guy on the way to attempt parted magic to wipe up clean the drive immediately in case there is a bit on it stopping windows 7 on the way to install however I am not certain where to obtain this program securely as well as certainly in view of the fact that I cannot still acquire into windows on the new desktop constructed I would have on the way to drag the drive out as well as attempt on the way to perform something to it from my laptop. I be familiar with that this solid state drive is okay by means of windows 7 as well as supports each and every one the most recent things like trim.

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    Re: Installing windows 7 to 64Gb SSD gives Installation Error: 0x80070057

    I will recommend you to perform a System Restore reverse to the date the troubles come into view. To run the system Restore utility you can go to start and then select all programs/Accessories/System tools/ System restore. If you are prompt for an admin password type the password or else clcik continue. Select the different restore point click next and after that choose that date and time prior to this trouble.

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