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Thread: Schannel Error 36888

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    Schannel Error 36888

    I have two machines the same problem. As the machines hardly have anything in common, I find that very strange.

    In the event log I find this entry:
    Source: Schannel
    ID: 36 888
    Error Status: 10

    One computer is a 64bit Win7, the other Win7 32bit. The only common component is an X-FI Gamer Fatality or. But according to my Internet research is SCHANNEL anything from the area of network encryption. Drivers, of course, before cooling is checked through.

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    Re: Schannel Error 36888

    My opinion, has tried a server application via ssl write access attempts to the NT Authority \ Network Service and found no safety certificate. theoretically you have minimum only in the security options to grant write access to the simple replacement folder, but for you to the exact background and delete the folder one must do ever see the whole event log. In principle have minimum when I'm completely stupid non-is the Temporary ASP.Net Files folder be, but as I said heights accurate event protocol, it is only work.

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    Re: Schannel Error 36888

    Rich account of the error also occurs in people without domain access, I suspect a particular error in the Application log of the Games to the temporary certificate write. times when it can give me the detail view and html view of the error log have minimum since the temporary folder should be listed. Otherwise, sometimes looking in the Event Manger security options as it should be there, too. I am currently traveling and do not know if I look in here once again just how disabled the write protection

    Right-click the folder -> Select the Security tab -> Click on Add -> Click Advance button -> Click on the Find Now button -> Select NT Authority \ Network Services from the list -> click OK -> Click OK again -> select "Allow write -> Click on OK.

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    I got the same error Schannel and simultaneously with any new errors in the EventLog on a CTD BFBC2. Also I have also installed an X-Fi card. What now? Is there already a solution / folder where you have to grant write permissions? And how the hell I promise the "NT Authority" rights when they are not at all appear on my computer? I would be really grateful for help because they rob me of CTDs really slow last nerve.

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