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Thread: Windows 7 - Delete the partition of 100 MB mini

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    Windows 7 - Delete the partition of 100 MB mini

    Hi, I installed Windows Professional x64 7 on my notebook, and after installing I found myself with a mini partition of 100 MB, and the hidden system partition on which I installed the operating system. I searched the internet for information on the above mini partition and I found that it is a recovery environment. Now I would like to eliminate it and, since after the installation and configuration of the various programs, I also made a backup of one system partition using Windows PE 2.0, I thought of the following steps to delete that partition of 100 MB:
    1. I put the CD boot Windows PE.
    2. Start DiskPart, delete all partitions and recreate, making sure to create a primary for Windows 7.
    3. Format the partition to be allocated to Windows 7.
    4. ImageX restoring it to launch the contents of the backup partition.
    5. I insert the installation DVD of Windows 7 and I start the repair tool startup. This procedure work? Or is it better to reinstall everything?

    Also I wonder: what changes in the content of the operating system partition in both cases "the presence of the partition to 100 MB" and "absence of the partition to 100 MB? I mean what changes in terms of content that is copied from ImageX when I make up the system partition.

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    Re: Windows 7 - Delete the partition of 100 MB mini

    And why should you use software to "third parties" to create images when everything is already in native mode in Windows 7? And also here I want to know that this 100MB partition is created automatically during installation of the operating system. It must not be deleted. Actually what is happening? In this there is one more way maybe after trying defragmentation this issue gets resolved.

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    Re: Windows 7 - Delete the partition of 100 MB mini

    I had to do a backup with ImageX, I should do it on both partitions? Or is it enough to backup the partition with the operating system to make sure you can restore any condition? In other words, if I create a backup image with ImageX, the only partition with the operating system and not the hidden reservoir, then we suppose that for some reason no longer have the privacy partition should be hidden and then use Windows PE to manually create partitions: one primary example will create for you and restore the backup, then I use the Windows 7 DVD to restore the boot ... But I wonder: would it work? Or the fact that I made a backup of one partition with the operating system makes me lose important files present in the hidden one?

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    Re: Windows 7 - Delete the partition of 100 MB mini

    Going through this and in this I do not use third-party software, including but ImageX in Windows PE 2.0. When I used Windows Vista, I made some backups of the partition with this tool, and when I needed to re insert the CD and boot to Windows PE: started Diskpart to format the system partition and then use ImageX to restore the contents. After the restore, to restore the boot using the startup repair tool available on the Vista installation DVD, or alternatively the following commands.
    • bcdedit / set {default} device partition = C:
    • bcdedit / set {default} osdevice partition = C:
    • bcdedit / set {bootmgr} device partition = C:
    • bcdedit / set {ntldr} device partition = C:

    I used a manual process, but still comfortable for me. Now, with Windows 7, the presence of the mini partition to 100 MB does not bother me, indeed I think it could ever help me if I should not have the DVD of Windows 7 or Windows PE CD, etc. .. However, a few days ago, I started as an experiment to restore WinRE pressing F8 before Windows starts, and there was no way to access the WIM images stored on another partition on the same disc: the only option was to connect an external hard drive. In other words, the small partition of 100 MB, with the features it offers, may still be useful, but I would have more flexibility ... because in the unlikely event that the entire contents of the disk is lost (for example, replacement of the disc itself), I would be able to use a quick fix such as: creating the system partition with Windows PE, ImageX with restoring a backup, recovery, opening with the installation DVD of Windows 7. That's why I was wondering: now have the backup of the sole operating system partition, but not the hidden 100 MB ... In the future if you ever need to restore only the one with the operating system on a disk without the hidden partition of 100 MB, I can start using the repair tool on startup? Or are there files in the hidden partition which should also be subject to backup?

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    Re: Windows 7 - Delete the partition of 100 MB mini

    Can I restore only the partition containing the operating system without losing the contents of the remaining operations using the tools provided natively with Windows 7 (Windows Recovery CD boot WinRAR or 7 from the hidden partition by pressing F8 100 MB)?? The division of the disk that you have applied is contrary to any of my setting so I'm not even give you directions. If the disks fail, you will ruin ALL the partitions and then, now, today, with the cost of the jig very low, no longer has any meaning except to break the record, if necessary, install a second operating system dualboot (but I still prederisco do it in a second physical disk). In all my systems (which assemble or check or suggest that and I'm really many) NOT partitioning out the hard drive and use an external USB drive of equal capacity (only a few euro) for the full backup including system image. Never had any problem in both creating and restoring the backups or images.

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