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Thread: Installation of any program freezes Windows 7

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    Installation of any program freezes Windows 7

    I have recently installed windows 7 on my Dell vostro 1014 laptop and the installation process was fine. And the Windows 7 is also doing well. But the only thing that is worrying me is whenever I try to install any program on my system then the system freezes in between the installation. And the same thing is happened with each and every program. I don't know why this is happening and also unable to install any new program. Please someone help me to solve the problem.

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    Re: Installation of any program freezes Windows 7

    The first thing that I would like you to do here is that check the version of Windows 7 that you are using, because not all the versions of windows 7 can handle the latest applications and programs. I mean to say that if yours Windows 7 is not of the ultimate version than it will definitely not accept the latest applications on it. So what you have to do is just check whether it is of ultimate or not and if it is not then you have to install the same.

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    Re: Installation of any program freezes Windows 7

    If you will ask me then I will suggest you to try and install the programs in safe mode. Actually the thing here is that in safe mode you can install the programs that you want without harming the system. Just try it will not give you any errors because I have did the same things when my system was not letting me to install some software on the system. I am sure that using the safe mode will help you to install the programs on your system.

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    Re: Installation of any program freezes Windows 7

    Before installing any program you have to take care whether the program is compatible with the system or not. Because it clearly seems to me that this is the compatibility issue. It happens if the program or the software that you are trying to install is not compatible then the system will definitely freeze or will go in sleep mode. So keep one thing in mind that always install the compatible softwares only on your system.

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    Re: Installation of any program freezes Windows 7

    Thank you for the vital suggestions and also for spending the very important time on my query. But the thing here is that I am still not able solve the issue. The problem is the same that as it was earlier, I have also tried installing the programs in the safe mode but there also it was not letting me to install the software. I thought that the software that I wma installing is too large so thought of installing the Yahoo messenger but that also didn’t work. Please suggest me what to so

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    Re: Installation of any program freezes Windows 7

    You are getting this problem because the drivers of the graphic card are not updated properly. And if you have to solve the issue then just click update the drivers instantly or install the latest and compatible drivers. If you are not aware of updating the drivers then just follow the bellow mentioned steps:
    • First of all click on the start button and then you have type device manager in the search box.
    • Then a device manager window will open.
    • And you will find yellow bags on the list mentioned below.
    • And that indicates that the drivers are not updated.
    • Then just right click on that particular drivers and select update option.
    • This will definitely update the drivers required.

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