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Thread: Atapi error 11 and computer freezes

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    Atapi error 11 and computer freezes

    I have searched for the solution to this problem but not got any that can help me solve it. My problem is that, my computer gets freezes randomly and shows me the error message that says: “Atapi error 11”. This is happening from last two days. Before that there was no issue like this. Mostly this happens when I try to play some videos on my computer. After that the only option left for me to take that back to work is to restart the computer by pressing the restart button on the machine. Can you please tell me that what is wrong with this and how can it be solved? Thank you. Here is the specification for my computer:
    • Biostar TF7050-M2 Motherboard
    • Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+
    • 2 GB DDR2-800 Memory
    • Western Digital 1 TB hard drive
    • Western Digital 750 GB hard drive
    • Optiarc DVD RW AD-7221 SATA
    • Windows 7 Ultimate
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    Re: Atapi error 11 and computer freezes

    The error message that you are getting comes when there is any problem in reading from hard drive. There is possibility that the hard disk controller is not installed properly for your hard disk. As you told that you are using a SATA drive then you should confirm that you have assigned the hard disk controllers which are compatible for SATA devices. If you have not set that then you should modify the boot drive so that it can use the Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) mode. Just check for this and it can resolve the problem.

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    Re: Atapi error 11 and computer freezes

    It is possible that the jumper for the hard disk is not connected correctly. You should check for this. For this, first you have to unplug the hard disk from your motherboard and then check that it is jumped one as the master drive and the other one as slave. Once you are done with this then reconnect that to your computer and start it again. This time it should not show you the messages like this.

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    Re: Atapi error 11 and computer freezes

    I also agree that it is related to hard drive problem. There are many reasons for this issue but the most possible reason is that the hard drive is not having the proper connection to the motherboard. Shut down your computer and remove the connection of the hard drive. Reconnect that again properly. If that is not able to solve the problem then you can try by changing the cable that is used for the connection. If the cable used is corrupted then it will not provide proper connection to the hard drive and you will get the errors like this. I hope this will help you.

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    Re: Atapi error 11 and computer freezes

    This problem may be coming from the BIOS. I think that you need to reconfigure the BIOS to fix this problem. You should set all the drives. You should disable the floppy drive with setting the CD-ROM as the first boot drive. Set the hard drive as the second boot drive. If you are not confident that how to do this then you should call any computer expert and he will do this for you.

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    Re: Atapi error 11 and computer freezes

    You can try the suggestions that are posted above. See whether that is able to solve the problem or not? If it solves the problem then it is great and if it does not then it can be also because of the virus on your system. Have you installed any antivirus software? If not then install one and scan the computer with that. Clean or delete all the files that it detects as corrupted file. Reboot your computer and this will solve the problem for you.

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