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Thread: .exe files open with Adobe reader after ugrading to windows 7

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    .exe files open with Adobe reader after ugrading to windows 7

    I have got a desktop system, I had a intel celeron processor, 80 GB of internal hard drive and 256 of RAM installed in my system, I know you will laugh looking at such configuration being used in today's generation, but do not worry I made a lot of changes then . I mentioned it because I have not changed my CPU cabinet yet, then I bought intel core i5 processor, upgraded and a the Disk drive as well and increased the capacity upto 500 GB of hard disk, I installed 2GB of RAM by mounting two RAM sticks on my ASUS motherboard which can be collectively be used as 2 GB of RAM. I used to use Windows xp home edition in my old configuration, after upgrading I installed Windows Vista in the place of windows xp. I did all this things 8 months back, the due to performance issues I got fed up of Windows Vista and I replaced it with Windows 7 of 64 bit version. But I did not know it will too come up with issues straight away , all the executable files which are in the.exe format are by default opening in the Adobe reader. I can do nothing but just watch those files open in Adobe reader , if anybody knows how to resolve it as I cannot run a lot of programs due to this issue and it is driving me crazy. Please give quichk and effective solution for this error.

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    Re: .exe files open with Adobe reader after ugrading to windows 7

    • Most of the times windows operating system face issues when you attempt to open .EXE files.
    • You can open an EXE file in Notepad or a wordpard.
    • EXE file opens in some other installed programs.
    • Most of the times Windows shows "Open With" dialog box to select from the option .
    • Windows displays error message that states , "Windows cannot find .exe file “ and asks us to make correction in the name being typed.
    • I think to solve this issue you will have to change the default type i the registry as .exe, but i do not exactly know the command to do it.
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    Re: .exe files open with Adobe reader after ugrading to windows 7

    Usually this types of errors are displayed when you by mistake alter the .Exe file type settings from Folder Options. This can also be changed if your system has virus in its system files. I know this sounds really frustrating , but you need not worry as I can provide solution to this issue.For that you will have to open the Command Prompt . To open a Command Prompt you will have to type Run in the Start search. In the console type the command cd\windows. Which will initialize Windows folder. After activating the Windows Folder you will have to open the Registry editor , to open it type regedit and hit the enter key . In right hand side of the window pane, I will ask you to change the change Default key value as ‘exefile’ and change the default key as "%1" %*.After executing all these steps exit the registry editor and reboot the system, you will get your desired results. You should recheck the troubleshooting and see whether it is really effective or not, if you encounter any error again, then check again all the commands word to word. Even a single error may deprive you from your resolution. In case you get stuck somewhere , do not worry I am there to help you out.
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    Re: .exe files open with Adobe reader after ugrading to windows 7

    I can suggest you one more solution if you do not want to get in the mess of all these commands stated above, you said all the exe programs are executed in the ADOBE reader , so think if you do not require the Adobe reader then you can uninstall it and keep your system as it is for a while, reboot the system adjust double click any file with .exe file and see whether it opens in the correct way or not, I know you will not like the solution but this is just a suggestion , it is up to you , if you want to follow it or not.

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    Re: .exe files open with Adobe reader after ugrading to windows 7

    I do not recommend the above step as your solution at all , Well it seems your computer is under the infection of a fatal virus attack, you mentioned the whole configuration about both your older and newer system as well, but did not mention anything about your security being implied in your system, it seems you did not bother to install any AntiVirus or Firewall system in your system so without hesitation , I would say that please install an updated copy of Antivirus software in your system and run a complete scan on it. I would recommend you to Install the system kaspersky Antivirus system.

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    Re: .exe files open with Adobe reader after ugrading to windows 7

    I think I am too under impression that your system is under control of some dangerous malicious program. If you are trying to run a quick scan then please do not attempt it , it would be better to run a complete scan on your system . Once the scan is complete just check the results and check the performance by opening a ,exe file , if still the problem persists , I will recommend you to do a system restore.

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