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Thread: Is there any Tweak UI for Windows 7

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    Is there any Tweak UI for Windows 7

    I have been using Windows 7 from past month and now it is irritating me a lot. I have finally decided to tweak the user interface of Windows 7. I want to change many things in Windows 7 UI such as the shortcut arrows which appear on the desktop icon. I have Google for it and found a lot but I am unsure which to go for. Can anyone here help me please? I need a Tweak UI for Windows 7.

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    Re: Is there any Tweak UI for Windows 7

    Ultimate Windows Tweaker is the best free TweakUI Utility for tweaking Windows 7. You can download this tool on your computer to meest your requirements on Windows. With fewer clicks you can make your computer faster, more stable, and more secure. The best part of it is that you don't have to install this utility on your computer. Being an executable file you can easily run this application on your computer and make the necessary changes. All you have to do is download the compress version of the file, extract its content and run it directly.

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    Re: Is there any Tweak UI for Windows 7

    Tweak UI is a free software which allows users to perform customization. It was released by Microsoft and works on all Windows installation. It does not perform changes on its own but instead it provides a simple GUI where you can choose the changes or settings which performs registry fix to change the effects. You can download this software from Microsoft website but Microsoft does not guarantees about this software since they have not designed this utility.

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    Re: Is there any Tweak UI for Windows 7

    I don't know about others but I am using WinBubble and I am quiet happy with this software. WinBubble is a tweaking utility which lets you enhance the Windows 7 Experience by modifying various elements. WinBubble allows you to customize and tweak several features, including Vista's Bubbles screensaver, which could not be customized from the screensaver settings dialog box. You can even find the most popular tweaks like adding or removing entries from the context menu, changing the OEM details, changing visual effects, and optimizing tweaks to increase the performance of the computer. However the only problem with it is that there no option to return to default settings once again.

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    Re: Is there any Tweak UI for Windows 7

    If the short arrow is your prime concerned then you can remove it with a small registry fix. All you have to do is open Notepad file and save it on your desktop by naming it as newArrow.ico keeping it blank. Now move this file to C:\Windows. Right click on the file and click on Properties. If you see a button displaying Unblock then click on it to unblock the file. Now open a new Notepad file and type the below command in the file:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Shell Icons] "29"="%SystemRoot%\\newArrow.ico,0"

    Save the file with any name. Now right click on this file and click on Merge. Just follow the window which appears and click on Yes, then Yes and then OK to complete the merging process. Now reboot your computer for changes to be applied. Did you noticed the changes?

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