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Thread: Windows 7 desktop icons not responding but taskbar works fine

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    Windows 7 desktop icons not responding but taskbar works fine

    Hey I have such weird problem that I canít get solve it, I donít understand that what the hell is happening to my system. I am working on my desktop computer I have installed Microsoft Windows 7 ultimate operating system, I have Intel core 2 Duo @3.2GHz processor, has 2GB RAM, and 500GB hard drive. This type of error also cause when I open any of the window or explorer, it directly switch to the non-active mode, means nothing happen after doing this. The main problem is that when I select anything means any of the icons which is place on the desktop, system only select but not open that file of the folder. Weird thing is that task-bar is running nice; I can open from that side anything. I donít know why it is happening, if you have any information related to this situation. Please give it to me. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Windows 7 desktop icons not responding but taskbar works fine

    For most of the time this error occurs in your system if your system has some virus, I am telling you that because I have suffered from this problem, but donít worries I have sort it out this error. I have update my AVG anti-virus and then I have scan my computer, you know what it has find new virus which continuously damaging my system, I have deleted and restart the system, and everything is working fine like new system. So try this solution, I hope that it works on your system.

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    Re: Windows 7 desktop icons not responding but taskbar works fine

    ---- There are some possibility that if in cases your windows explorer get corrupted due to any reason you have to suffer from this type of problem. As per my idea if your INTERNET EXPLORER is of 32 bit but it is running on 64 bit operating system, this is such incompatible mode, so try to use 64 bit internet explorer, might help you to solve this problem.

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    Re: Windows 7 desktop icons not responding but taskbar works fine

    Yes this is possible that if you have enabled entire add-ons from internet explorer. ADD-ONs are acting like repository for internet explorer based application. So try to disabled all add-ons from internet explorer, and try again, if it not work after doing this then just click on tools and in that select internet options, then advanced tab after clicking this you may see reset button just click on this. You know what this button reset all the setting to default setting and also clear all temp files. From my side I have only this solution, try your luck with this solution.

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    Re: Windows 7 desktop icons not responding but taskbar works fine

    If your system has any software or any of the driver problems, you might have to suffer from this type of error. Corruption of any driver may lead you to this problem, to resolve this problem you have to reinstall that driver again in your system, after seeing your problem I can say that you are if you are using Internet Explorer with 32 bit but your system is of 64 bit, you may have to suffer from this error, so to resolve this problem just install any of the browser which is much compatible to your system.

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    Re: Windows 7 desktop icons not responding but taskbar works fine

    Hey good news to you man, I have figure it out this problem, you know what this problem is occur in my system because of only internet explorer. I have returned the entire IE8 option in the advanced tab of the internet browser. I have seen that this reset disabled every single one tool bars. I have restarted the internet Explorer and I have seen that everything is working fine as well as the icons also. This solution is not ice up anything when I closed and reopened Internet Explorer. So you can try this, I wish for you that it work on your system.

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