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Thread: Changing the taskbar color in windows 7 (not aero)

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    Changing the taskbar color in windows 7 (not aero)

    Hello friends I just purchased the new laptop with preinstalled windows 7 which have a normal task bar color of blue. I just want to know that how I can able to change the task bar color whenever I m not using the Aero interface? I have a reasonably powerful laptop but I like to increase the every bit of speed I can obtain from it and that comprises without using an aero color scheme. At present the task bar of my display screen is blue though I would kin to a straightforward black setup. So anyone has the solution for this post so please let me know about, help will greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Changing the taskbar color in windows 7 (not aero)

    I think that you have a preinstalled windows 7 came with your laptop so I m thinking that your windows 7 version may be of Starter version because if you are running windows starter Edition on pc that it is likely to be not possible. Cause windows starter does not supports the color scheme of the task bar. So I advise you to update your windows 7 starter version to an windows 7 Home premium or even better than that. So I suggest you to check your windows 7 edition than again reply me at this thread.

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    Re: Changing the taskbar color in windows 7 (not aero)

    Thank you for the suggestion I already owned the windows 7 Home premium edition in my laptop, I already told them for a preinstalled version of home premium. Because I know that there is some issue with the color scheme in windows 7 starter. I also know that there is also some problem in appearance and images issue in windows 7. So can you tell me any other suggestion to work it out from this issue? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Changing the taskbar color in windows 7 (not aero)

    Thatís excellent to recognize that you would like to progress the speed of the computer. You must modify the color of the Task bar from the following steps mentioned as follows:
    1. Right click on the unfilled gap on the desktop.
    2. Select on the Personalize option.
    3. Select the Windows Color option from the bottom of window.
    4. Select the drop down option from the list for Show Color Mixer.
    5. Now you can able to shift the sliders consequently and modify the required color for your task bar.

    I hope that this will work it out for your task bar color scheme.

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