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Thread: Does Windows 7 have a classic logon like windows XP?

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    Does Windows 7 have a classic logon like windows XP?

    Hello friends I had installed windows 7 in my pc. Normally, In Win XP there is a classic Logon as well as normal Logon screen. Will Win 7 have this feature of having classic as well as the normal logon screen? I donít like to have all my user accounts to be shown on the logon screen. With the windows XP it had one field in which you be able to type your Name, Password or even the domain if it is essential , I know we can perform that but we should not allow to donít show previous logon screen, Will there be a classic logon screen like XP in windows 7? Does anyone have the procedure to do this then let please let me know help will be appreciated.

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    Re: Does Windows 7 have a classic logon like windows XP?

    I think I can help you out from this issue, I will advise you to perform some of the steps they are as follows, and Firstly Run secpol.msc after running this it will open security policies. Select the security options in local policies also enable "interactive logon screen: Donít display previous user name". Under that procedure disable the policy mentioned in the title form "interactive logon: do not need ctrl+alt+del" for to facilitate key combo to be necessary before logon. If you follow this procedure then I think that it will work it out for you. Cause I also needed this so my friend help me out and shown me the procedure.

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    Re: Does Windows 7 have a classic logon like windows XP?

    You can place up Win 7 so that not any of the user account images display on the log in screen, as well as you is needed to enter a user name and password.
    1. If you have Win 7 Prof or Ultimate, go to the Group Policy Editor also navigate to the following policy. Go to the security options by going to computer configuration then settings. In the right-side of the pane double select the policy: Interactive logon: Do not show last user name - Alter to Enabled.

    2. If you have the Home Premium edition, then you can set this policy using the registry.Be confident that you back up the register Key ahead of making any changes.Open Regedit also follow to the following location.


    In the right-hand pane, find out for the Value ďdonít display the last user-nameĒ. Double click this value and alter the Value figures to 1. If this value is absent, then right click as well as select New/DWORD (32-bit) Value.
    Name the value ďdonít display the last user-nameĒ and create the change distinguished above.

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    Re: Does Windows 7 have a classic logon like windows XP?

    There should be a simpler and enhanced method to do this, windows XP was simple to amend, what is up with Windows 7. I would like a product that seems to be a professional with log on screen like NT that asks for the user name and password with no blank images on the screen. You should be capable enough to do this through control panel. I have looked for the internet and there is a crowd of other people who would kin to see this done and done properly in Microsoft win 7. If anybody knows any 3rd party software that can fix this issue then let me know, I am In doubt the Microsoft people be concerned about what the customer wants. If anyone knows this method then let me know.

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