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Thread: How can I uninstall windows 7 from my Laptop

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    How can I uninstall windows 7 from my Laptop

    I have a Pentium 4 computer. I had on that windows xp a few days ago; When I saw the Microsoft launches a new operating system. I was happy about that and I have installed the same in my computer. But window 7 is required more than 1 GB ram and graphic is good. Now I am facing a little problem. A problem is that my computer is working very slowly, S have to uninstall it. How can I remove and uninstall.

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    Re: How can I uninstall windows 7?

    You have windows 7 operating system and you want to install it. I have that solution. You have install genuine of windows. If you are install windows 7 genuine then you have to never take any tension because Microsoft is give option and manual on your windows 7 disc and there website. You have to go on Microsoft web site.

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    Re: How can I uninstall windows 7?

    You have to know before uninstall windows. Because when you are try to uninstall windows you have to create data before formatting, and after you have another CD of windows. The you can install fresh window. You have to keep of that product key, When ever you install new window windows ask the product key for the activations.

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    Re: How can I uninstall windows 7?

    If you have familiar how to uninstall windows operating system. If you don't have windows CD then you can try it uninstall this way. Then you have to required 1.44mb floppy drive. But there is to have windows boo table file. If you have this floppy. Then you have to go in bios setup. Go for bios utility press Del key when system is restart. Then you have to go on bios setup and click on there option boot from floppy disk and system will be boot from floppy disk and there is shows to you dos screen. You have to know all format related commands.

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