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Thread: iMac G5 will not boot after cleaning

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    iMac G5 will not boot after cleaning

    My iMac G5 with loud noise, I removed the dust with a bomb. Now it will not boot. In fact, it makes a little wow as if to start, I also feel that the DVD player wants to do something and then nothing. It lasts 1 second, 1 second 1 / 2. And regarding this I wonder what I could have damaging. I did not do backup! I can show you a picture of my mac! Could someone help me?
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    Re: iMac G5 will not boot after cleaning

    I've never disassembled this model there. You've launched this freestyle Never or no tutorial? Because a priori it is not the iMac's easier to disassemble it seems. You have unplugged something to clean it? On the other hand, if you have another computer handy and that the iMac is open, it may be time to remove the hard drive and make a backup before attempting to rise. I say this, I say nothing. So I think that you got my point over here. So try this.

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    Re: iMac G5 will not boot after cleaning

    Free style, no! It was the second time I dismounted; I think I felt too much "confidence". And regarding this I have got the tutorial on the web So I will suggest you to search this I am sure you will also get it. I started to disassemble the motherboard but I gave up. And also the "trick" to the left of DD and above the radiator! What’s that? I have another computer but it is a net book (Linux). I have no idea how can connect a dd.

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    Re: iMac G5 will not boot after cleaning

    It is the similar sound as a normal startup but short using as it goes very quickly. The screen becomes a little less black too. It does it when I'm resetting the SMU. Then it goes out completely. I will check everything and I tell you. Thank you for your help! So now it is working properly. And I think others also try this may be they will get solution for their issue.

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    Re: iMac G5 will not boot after cleaning

    I have checked this and regarding this I really want to tell you that it does not work in my case. Well related to this I want to inform you that I also do not know very much because it is so fragile. I looked but I do not observe I would have recognized that "when the computer does not start but there is sound and the LED lights that it comes from.

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    Re: iMac G5 will not boot after cleaning

    Apparently (and I do not know) there are lights at the back of checks and a whole testing protocol if the iMac will not boot. At first they suspect the power supply for essential in such cases, but they rely on a computer that refuses to boot fully, not exactly your case then. Maybe it can help you anyway (?) To see if you want to throw in there too! And for my part I would not do it without having to first save my data. I confess that after a bit beyond my skills from there. Maybe someone over stalled or has already experienced the problem may be something other which is better than I once spent the weekend.

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