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Thread: How to convert Kb to GB using Calculator

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    How to convert Kb to GB using Calculator

    Hey Guys can anyone tell me how to convert KB to GB using calculator. Im not aware of this physics and computer terms. I always wonder how my friends calculate this. I do have calculator but I donít know the values for converting KB to GB. If any one who knows how to calculate KB to GB please let me know, how it is calculated.

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    Re: How to convert Kb to GB using Calculator

    Firstly, I would like to you to know what does term KB, MB, and GB stands for.
    KB stands for Kilobytes(KB)
    MB stands for Megabytes(MB)
    GB stands for Gigabytes(GB)

    Now, I would tell what are the values of KB,MB, GB
    1 KB = 1024 Bytes
    1 MB = 1024 KB
    1 GB = 1024 MB

    Referring to this table you can easily convert using Kilobyte (KB) to Gigabyte (GB)

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    Re: How to convert Kb to GB using Calculator

    The above table referred to counting in Binary which is counted by Computers. Whereas, humans count in decimal way in which the values are
    1 KB =1000 Bytes
    1 MB= 1000 KB
    1 GB= 1000 MB
    It means that the value of GB is 1000^3 bytes. Its very simple you take an example of your cell phones. If u have 1 GB card which is equivalent to 1000 MB memory and if we convert it into KB it will be 1000000 Bytes. It means that the value of
    1 GB = 1000000bytes

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    Re: How to convert Kb to GB using Calculator

    3.> Now if we look according to physics table, there are prefixes for the numbers and which are multiples of 10.
    KILO BYTES (KB)----------10^3---------2^10
    MEGABYTES(MB)----------10^6-------- 2^20
    GIGABYTES(GB)-----------10^9-------- 2^30

    According to INTERNATIONAL Electrotechnical commission, which defines kibibyte, mebibyte,gibibyte when there was major discouragement between this standards.

    KIBIBYTE (Kib)-----------2^10
    MEBIBYTE (Mib)----------2^20
    GIBIBYTE (Gib)-----------2^30
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    Re: How to convert Kb to GB using Calculator

    Now, I have also understood to convert the conversion between KB to GB and GB to KB. This what I really wanted to know. But even I have something to share. Due to the symbol of Kilobyte and kbit there could have been an ambiguity because both are represented by symbol kB but the difference is that in Kilobyte we use uppercase for letter B (kB) where as for kilobit uses b for bit. In past both have used this symbol but then to there was no ambiguity.

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