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Thread: Need help with c-korn ppa dead

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    Need help with c-korn ppa dead

    The Windows constantly gets greatest modernize similar to king on chair additional than at present c-korn ppa is dead and not be able to locate correct builds to any further extent for Ubuntu with the intention of has vp8 hold up or maintain too. It's previously been in the official Ubuntu Maverick repositories for a at the same time as. If you were enthusiastic to live a diminutive closer to the bleeding edge you might endeavor building the expansion version or description beneath Ubuntu. It is presently aimed at Lucid, it is not 'official' in several sense of the word: It would not be too hard to transform this to suit the discharge version or description of vlc rather than the development version or description if you wished. Where to get constant 1.1.2 for 10.04 by means of ffmpeg or Windows is actually merely what gets most excellent of care merely.

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    Re: Need help with c-korn ppa dead

    Additional than at the same time as the entire Windows versions or descriptions and vendors (well, there's merely one), and their tens of millions of users, are enclosed by means of a single build, one enthusiastic build is necessary for every version or description and platform of each Linux circulation. This is not something by means of the intention of the VideoLAN project determines to ever be capable to do. And there is actually no superior hold up or maintain for third party installers on Linux. This is so true with the intention of one of the key Ubuntu developers even disclose it on its blog freshly (not be able to keep in mind the name). The demise of the c-korn PPA is immediately an illustration of how deficiently things be able to go wrong when you add third party packages on a Linux distro.

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    Re: Need help with c-korn ppa dead

    No I do not point the finger at VLC ever (most excellent player in world) by means of the intention of you care of Windows additional than I imagine you be supposed to target Ubuntu with the intention of future of the entire distros. Linux most important tribulations is with the intention of dominating distro is desirable to create bright future. Perhaps to create portable VLC for Ubuntu Windows has .The Ubuntu and a number of additional big distro be supposed to be approximating on portable linux apps This is a bizarre twist off events. LTS stuff is hypothetical to be hold or maintain if you position it in the LTS Synaptic archives. And, of itinerary, the whole point of LTS is to circumvent the "bleeding edge," particularly development versions or descriptions of the next beta of Maverick.

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    Re: Need help with c-korn ppa dead

    I guess there are a small number of choices then, you might basically stay by means of the version or description of vlc completed obtainable by the Ubuntu developers. The almost certainly a poor choice. You might appropriately request the newest version or description be made obtainable from side to side backport, this method together you and the distro would advantage. You might search for a different PPA even though closing of the Korn PPA be supposed to provide a lesson there certainly or you might learn to build it physically. There is conduct on the Ubuntu discussion for this and a number of skilled people to assist.

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    Re: Need help with c-korn ppa dead

    The VLC not be able to basically be compiled and work appropriately, or even work at the entire, on each and every one Linux distros and versions or description of a given construction. Even within Ubuntu, binary compatibility transversely versions or descriptions is poor innovative incompatible versions of numerous libraries are installed, and previous versions or descriptions become unsupported. So immediately for Ubuntu, most of them would necessitate to maintain something similar to 4 dissimilar packages for every architecture. (And to get the majority of recent VLC, you necessitate not merely an up-to-date VLC, additional than in addition up-to-dates libraries. There is no technique to bring up to date underlying libraries without risking a breakage of additional applications, or conflicts by means of future Ubuntu updates.

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    Re: Need help with c-korn ppa dead

    I am not certain I agree by means of slumbergod in his evaluation of the dependability of c-korn repos. Some people are aphorism by means of the intention of they honestly hope c-korn by no means comes back. And by means of the objective of his track record of breakage is magnificent and spans a lot of years, distros and liberation methods. And by means of the intention of if there is a method for Mr Korn to distribute breakage straight to your system, you be able to be certain he has or determine to utilize it. I am not convinced by means of the intention of the Nate Muench PPA is several superior to be honest. It has substitute ffmpeg/libav packages by means of the intention of (how be able to I position this graciously) might cause unintended collateral damage to additional submission, perhaps not at present or tomorrow additional than almost immediately, as surely as day follows night.

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