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Thread: Windows: "Failed to load detection driver" installation error

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    Windows: "Failed to load detection driver" installation error

    Hello friends, I am trying to create the thread for some kind of problem, rather than risking it is overlooked in to the thread because of the mislead title. When I try to install the modified drivers, it displays me the error that “Failed to load Detection Driver”. After it display the error it practically get freeze. I think that the problem might may caused with my Laptop, it is having the switchable graphics card, one is ATI card and the other is an Intel card. Please what can I do now? Give some idea to solve this problem.

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    Re: Windows: "Failed to load detection driver" installation error

    Try to download Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) from option. Or if you may also download the x64 version. Install any of the application that you think suitable for your system. After it then install the latest ATI drivers from support of the After it the message "failed to load detection driver" error may disappears.

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    Re: Windows: "Failed to load detection driver" installation error

    I think your drivers may have got unpacked; it is due to the ATI folder which is located in your default windows hard drive. My suggestion to you is to install manually within the device manager, after it then reinstall the CCC. I think it may get to solve your problem. Also the problem may persist with the drive sweep, you can delete it because it causes the error A. fresh installation may solve your total problem.

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    Re: Windows: "Failed to load detection driver" installation error

    Try to update CCC from the hot fix that may get rid to your problem. i do have the same problem, it gives throws me the same error. I then tried to download MS Installer 4.5, and then I went through this after installation. I was having error while loading it then I installed and rebooted the system the error gat disappeared. I rebooted it just to make sure that it is running fine or not. It is Hot fix windows installer redistributable download that fix this error. I also downloaded version x64. It really help me to fix this issue.

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