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Thread: Cannot open JPEG file from email on Mac OSX

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    Cannot open JPEG file from email on Mac OSX

    I was having Microsoft windows SP2 operating system but few days back due to virus problem I formatted my system. I am having Mac osx operating system installed on my system. The problem I am facing is of JPEG file. When I open my email account any download any JPEG file from my inbox it displays an error message saying that it cannot open the file because it is damaged or corrupted. I cannot understand that whether Mac osx supports JPEG file format. Suggest some opinion to overcome this problem. Also some tips for opening and saving file in Mac osx.

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    Re: Cannot open JPEG file from email on Mac OSX

    Sometimes file come from the source which are not don't add extension and when we use preview to open it on Mac osx it will not recognize. When you download any email attachments check whether the file extensions are present on the downloaded files. Suppose you have downloaded image from the email and it doesn't have any extension then in that case it may not open. You can open the image file by adding .jpg or .jpeg to the end of the file name and the preview it. Mac osx will recognize it and file will be opened.

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    Re: Cannot open JPEG file from email on Mac OSX

    when using Mac osx operating system you should follow the steps given below to open and close the file. These steps will be helping you to deal with files problems on Mac osx. The steps are :
    • when saving a file select the disclosure triangle if you want to save it in different location and also see other additional options provided by it.
    • In Mac OS X 10.3 or later versions if you drag a file to the finder window sidebar they will be displayed in the left side of application's Open window as well as left side of Save window where the disclosure triangle is clicked.
    • You can drag a file to application open or save dialog window so that it is selected immediately.
    • Drag the small icon that appears on the title bar of finder window to open or save the file.

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    Re: Cannot open JPEG file from email on Mac OSX

    You can download additional software or utility for opening files. One of the software for opening JPEG file format is QuickTime picture viewer. This QuickTime picture viewer provides support for opening JPEG file format and also many other different types of formats. QuickTime picture viewer also support the feature of varying magnification and rotating. The QuickTime picture viewer support the following format such as BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF etc.

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    Re: Cannot open JPEG file from email on Mac OSX

    You can use a converter to open the downloaded JPEG files from the email. To open the files on Mac osx operating system a software named as “iWinSoft Image Converter” is available. Suppose you have downloaded a JPEG and the file can’t open on Mac osx then you can use iWinSoft Image Converter to convert the JPEG file into other format and preview it. The key features of iWinSoft Image Converter is that it provides quick view of image files, files can be rotated easily, excellent image quality and very user friendly interface.

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