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Thread: Vista freezes on crcdisk.sys

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    Vista freezes on crcdisk.sys

    I am having Vista operating system installed on my Dell XPS m1330 notebook. There are many application programs on my system. After starting adobe updater the system went into not responding mode. I turned off my system and restarted again. It provides me two options as: repair windows, or start normally. After selecting the first option progress bar starts and stops. I also tried booting in safe mode but it freezes at crcdisk.sys. Is there any way to overcome this problem?

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    Re: Vista freezes on crcdisk.sys

    crcdisk.sys error might be related to software error to solve the crcdisk.sys error you can try system configuration and restore manager. This will restore your system. Also you can uninstall your operating system and install the fresh copy of the operating system again. Most likely the problem may be because of the incomplete adobe updater you have started that may have corrupted driver files. Reinstall the driver again.

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    Re: Vista freezes on crcdisk.sys

    One solution to this problem is that you can try by shut down and unplugging your notebook. Remove the battery and press the power button on for 20seconds and it will remove any residual system memory also dumps anything’s that causes your system to freeze. Computer will boot on same operating system platform again. Also recovery software is available named as O&O recovery which will recover your system back to the previous stage.

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    Re: Vista freezes on crcdisk.sys

    Few steps needs to be carried out and thet are:
    • Start your system and press button F1 to go into BIOS.
    • Go to Config/ Serial ATA/set option for compatibility and press F10 to save it.
    • Restart your laptop.
    • Now you can install vista.
    • Install will start and this is the step where it hangs you can fix it by going into advance options. Press ok to start. To go into advance option you need to press F8 when windows restart. Once the laptop restarts keep pressing F8 key.
    • Then in advance option select “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” and press enter. Now the system will start without hanging or there will not be any crcdisk.sys error.

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    Re: Vista freezes on crcdisk.sys

    The solution for this problem is given below:

    1. Leave your laptop till its battery gets discharged.
    2. Remove the RAM from your laptop
    3. Disconnect any fan you may have integrated with your laptop.
    4. Disconnect wireless card from your laptop
    5. Insert the RAM again.
    6. Boot the system in normal mode and let it be running for the processor to be cooled.

    If it’s working fine then you can install whatever you have removed.

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    Re: Vista freezes on crcdisk.sys

    The problems arise due to the adobe updater which I have started because it causes freezing of vista. Because most of updates that are available are installed and at the same time upgraded on windows platform but it fails on vista platform. These updates might cause problems for vista. You can use updater from the official website of the operating system which you are using. There might be some problem of hardware in that case you can check you hardware to accomplish software installation.

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