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Thread: Windows Scheduler vs. Linux Scheduler

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    Windows Scheduler vs. Linux Scheduler

    I want to have details about the difference between the two scheduler of different operating system which I am using on my different machine. I want to know the performance difference between Windows operating system and Linux operating system and what the process to check or set is scheduler performance. So if anyone having detailed information about how I can perform this task.

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    Re: Windows Scheduler vs. Linux Scheduler

    You are able to see windows task scheduler in the "Control Panel" folder which is situated in the "My Computer" folder. You can schedule tasks like automate web testing and site monitoring or system tools like the Disk Defragmenter to run at a time that is mainly suitable for you. Task Scheduler begins every time you initiate Windows, and runs in the background. Using Task Scheduler you are able to Schedule a task to run daily, weekly, monthly, or at certain times.

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    Re: Windows Scheduler vs. Linux Scheduler

    You can have the scheduler for Linux from the from the official Linux website.
    1. RT Scheduler 0.1
    2. Job Scheduler 1.3.0
    3. Linux Commander 0.5.2
    These are the task scheduler which you can use to check the performance of your Linux task scheduler.

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    Re: Windows Scheduler vs. Linux Scheduler

    You can have many different scheduling algorithms which are there used for Linux, which are created for different workloads on system. Conventionally the scheduling algorithms have been created or tuned to optimize server routine. You can try to use Ubuntu 10.04 for Linux system whereas Windows 7 for windows system. Other than this option you can go for Phoronix test Suite which can be used for both the system for checking the performance of your both the schedulers.

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