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Thread: How to connect Mac OS X with Windows 7?

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    How to connect Mac OS X with Windows 7?

    I have a Mac Mini running in the environment of the OSX 10.6.4. I tried to share the file of the machine by enabling the SMB. Currently acquired a machine with the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, but during that canít access the Mac Mini on the network, why it happens canít understand. I can able to access the directory on my Mac machine, what should I do? I canít see the computer in the network, can able to log in the network. Suggest me how to connect the Mac computer with the windows 7 environment? Any information on this will be appreciatedÖ

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    Re: How to connect Mac OS X with Windows 7?

    I have a solution which you can do in the group policy of the operating system. I did this and it really works. Try this I hope this will definitely helps you. Follow the step by step process to do the operation.

    1. Go to the Start of the windows, type secpol.msc nad insert in the search option and hit on Enter
    2. Locate "Network Security: LAN Manager Authentication Level" in the list and douyble click on that option. Look for the option named as the NTMLv2 response only.
    3. Change the option from " NTMLv2 response only" to "Send LM & NTLM - use NTLMv2 session if negotiated" in the network.
    4. In the Network Security tab the Minimum session of the security for NTLM SSP Based on the Clients.
    5. Change from "require 128 bit" to "unchecked ".
    6. Click OK or SAVE.

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    Re: How to connect Mac OS X with Windows 7?

    You can also do the operation with the help of the registry of the windows. This will modify the registry of the windows that you tried to connect with the windows version or with the other operating system like the MAC OSX. Before that I would like to inform you that during the operation if you get any one of the error message regarding the operation then restore the registry and then try the operation with the fresh process. Just follow the steps that bellow mentioned for the operation. Remember that before the operation taken place back up the entire registry file where you go for the make changes for the connection with the other operating system.
    • Type the regedit.exe and insert into the search option under the start menu option of the window.
    • Locate the registry file which is named as the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa
    • Look for the Value panel under the Registry editor of the window. Look for the DWORD “lmcompatibilitylevel”.
    • Right click on this and select the option Modify which will modify the value of the windows.
    • Then enter the data of the value for the first one.
    • Click on the OK button.

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    Re: How to connect Mac OS X with Windows 7?

    There is only two options to connect the two operating system, one is called the Remote Desktop and other one is known as the Remote Desktop with Network. If you using any one of the two option then make sure that the option that you are using is enable for the connection. The first option will allow the user to using any version of the Remote Desktop or Remote Application to connect the computer, whatever the operating system where it accessing. This is works if you have no idea about the version of Remote Desktop where you tried for the connection. but in my opinion this is not the secure one . And in the second option the use is allow to connect the computer with the network enable authentication service. It provides the Network Level Authentication, which is to connect the computer. And it popular for the best secure service for the network connection.
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    Re: How to connect Mac OS X with Windows 7?

    I also suggest you to do the operation with the registry file of the windows that you are using for that you have to back up the registry editor with the following process and then try to connect the computer, this will already mentioned in another steps of the thread. Make the backup copy, of the key or subkey. You can save the backup file in the specific location in your computer. For that you have to log in to the computer with the Administrator, since you are can’t access the computer, I recommend you to do the same process in the safe mode. Open the registry editor, and then insert the keyword regedit in the search option under the start. You will ask for the administrator password, put the password. Locate the key or subkey, click on the file name and then click on ten export this will save the key in ten specific folder that will ask you during the export of the file. Lastly click on SAVE option. After just follow the process for the connection of the computer.

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