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Thread: Unable to Sync on Windows XP

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    Unable to Sync on Windows XP

    I have just downloaded the beta products from the windows live. But when I start to use this I have found that I was not able to sync along with my windows XP, it started to modify my mind. Can I have live sync on my windows 7 laptop, and have it work with live sync on my windows XP pc? Or am I able to have both the versions of sync working at the same time on my windows 7 laptop? So regarding this if you have any solution then please help me.

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    Re: Unable to Sync on Windows XP

    I have read your question and to the answer of your question Wave 4 Sync can run alongside with Wave 3 Sync as long as the similar folder is not synchronized at the same time. And nothing will automatically transferring from Wave 3 to Wave 4 Sync. And in this user have to restore their sync relationships across their personal computers. A computer running Wave 3 Sync is not able to coordinate folders with a computer running Wave 4 Sync. So I think you got my point that what I mean to say here.

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    Re: Unable to Sync on Windows XP

    Many of us utilize a computer at work that have Windows XP and at home Windows 7, and it is not our liability to transfer to Windows 7 at work. That is my expect also, when there are other freeware solutions that do not mind about os. But we attach from home to the computer at work or the opposing, so interoperability is insist from us, the users.

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    Re: Unable to Sync on Windows XP

    Whatever you have given here I have tried that but truly speaking I am not able to get the two syncs to run at the same time. I am getting this issue from last two weeks and regarding this I have visited many of the forum site but not able to get the solution which can fix my issue. I want to ask you guys that is this possible to do with the beta version? And itís an xp pc so I am not able to upgrade to wave 4.

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    Re: Unable to Sync on Windows XP

    I am getting afraid because I think that official Wave 4 release will also not be supporting Windows XP. And regarding this I think that support for the Windows XP operating system will soon be closed. And if you need more information on this then visit the Microsoft website related to this. And related to this you have to transfer from wave 3 to wave 4. And after it restore the sync relationships across your personal computers. So I know only this much relate to your issue so I hope it will going to help you.

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    Re: Unable to Sync on Windows XP

    If we were able to run the two programs together and was not able to solve all the matters for the reason that then we would be able to sync to cloud storage, plus the XP computers. So if you want the solution then just follow this. I think you will get the fix for your problem.

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