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Thread: Cannot enable i7 720QM Turbo Boost

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    Cannot enable i7 720QM Turbo Boost

    I have been using the Intel laptop i7 720QM of model having the windows XP operating system on it. When I bought it then I had referred its all specification it was mention in that this machine is having the turbo booting technology. You may know that turbo booting lets the processor to run faster if it running under temperature and power. But I have not noticed any presence of turbo booting, if anyone know how to make it enable then tell me.
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    I have gone through your question and I think if you are not noticed the turbo boot technology in your machine then I think that you should make sure that Speedstep technology is turned on. For that at the start up of your machine keep pressing the Del key, to get the basic input/output settings window. Then after that a blue screen will come having many of input/output settings. Go to the EIST- enhanced Intel Speedstep and check that if it on or not. If it is turn off then make it on and then press escape button on the keyboard, then a message will appear confirmation of saving the settings and then press yes.

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    If you have newly bought the Intel laptop then I will suggest you to make the contact with Intel support on this. The Intel support team will guide you through the turbo boost for the CPU. If you are in the under warranty then it will be the non chargeable service for you. If you are having any other query then please reply me.

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    I can notice that my that my turbo boost is enabling, after making the some setting the BIOS. But i have one doubt about the turbo booting of the machine. One of the my friends told me that, turbo booting is not worth for the machine,
    it sometimes will cause damage for the processor. I just wanted to that its really that the turbo boost will damage my machine. Any suggestion will appreciate.

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    No, I donít think that turbo boots will damage your processor, it wrong assumption of your. Actually the frequency of the processor is set by the Central processing unit (CPU), you not set it. So, that there is no issues of damage of processor. If any chance due to any reason power limit or the heat is reaches to the then it will automatically move down till it goes to the below the limit. I hope this information may help you.

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