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Thread: How to Activate Windows 7 after an upgrade from i5 to i7

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    How to Activate Windows 7 after an upgrade from i5 to i7

    Recently i have upgrade my processor from intel i5 to intel i7 in my computer i also did the update on the bios. But after some days when i started to work on my computer windows comes up with the message that i am not running the a genuine windows on my system. Now thing which i should do to resolve this problem is restart with the genuine windows in my system and i have to erase my all the data from the system. I do have lots of data in my computer which i don't want to loss and i am very much in stress what to do to resume with my windows operating system. I am not able to get the solution if anyone facing same problem and resolved it please help with the solution.

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    Re: How to Activate Windows 7 after an upgrade from i5 to i7

    I think you are not using the genuine Windows on your system you need to acquire a genuine Windows License from the official website of Microsoft at Microsoft Store, they will provide you with the product key by email. Follow steps for activation:
    • Select Start button and just right click on Computer
    • Then be there at Properties by single click.
    • There roll downward to Windows Activation.
    • Select the link to modify your product key.

    Now enter provided product key and utilize Phone Activation to turn on your license.

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    Re: How to Activate Windows 7 after an upgrade from i5 to i7

    You can try for manual activation on your Computer as :
    1.Go to Start button and then enter “slui.exe 4” on Search field.
    2.After clicking enter from the keyboard, it will take you to the activation window.
    3.Now you need to choose Country.
    4.At last choose the Phone Activation alternative and wait for the response.

    This will resolve your problem of starting with the windows on your machine.

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    Re: How to Activate Windows 7 after an upgrade from i5 to i7

    I think your case is of fraud, and you are not provided with the genuine Windows operating system because of which your windows is blocked by windows. So there is no other way to just go for the genuine Windows on your computer to enjoy with the windows service on your machine. You can get the it from only authorized seller make sure you get the genuine Windows so that you don't same problem again in future.

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    Re: How to Activate Windows 7 after an upgrade from i5 to i7


    1. What is the type of key you used for activation, retail key or retail upgrade key?
    2. What is the version, edition and channel for this Windows installation? Do you perform a clean installation of 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate? I recommend you run the following command to see the detail information about your key supported version and check if the key and product are compatible.

    slmgr.vbs -dlv

    slmgr.vbs -dlv all

    Usually the activation problem can be related to corrupted Activation Components in Windows, we can reinstall licensing components and generate a new token.dat file using the following commands in an Administrator command prompt:

    net stop sppsvc
    Cd %windir%\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\SoftwareProtectionPlatform
    Ren tokens.dat tokens.old
    cd %windir%\system32
    net start sppsvc
    slmgr.vbs –rilc

    When finished, try to re-activate to see if it works.

    Best Regards.
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