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Thread: Will F1 2010 work on my 27" iMac

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    Will F1 2010 work on my 27" iMac

    I have bought a new iMac which has a 4 Gb DDR3 Ram with an Intel Core 2 Duo 3.06 GHz processor. I have installed Windows XP with all updates and SPs on this machine. I have came across one game which is F1 2010, I just want to know that will this would be working on my iMac or not. Actually i have gone through the specifications of this game and i feel that it can work on it but still i would like to confirm it before buying the Game Cd. You guys can go to the official website of F1 2010 to view its system requirements. There is only a difference of graphic card.

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    Re: Will F1 2010 work on my 27" iMac

    I have checked the minimum system requirements of the Formula 1 2010 game and have came to know that your iMac has all the things which all are required to play this game but only thing where your iMac lacks is the graphic card. Actually games is asking for the newer series of the graphic card and your iMac has an older one. But it does not mean that your iMac won't be let you play this game on it. You can play it but may be with the lower settings.

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    Re: Will F1 2010 work on my 27" iMac

    Even i am having an iMac which has almost same specifications as of you. I have bought a new Cd of F1 2010 and can play this game on my mac. Actually there is no problem i have faced while playing this game. But it lags some time while playing it with the high resolution settings which points my mind towards the graphic card. So it is but obvious that we are not providing the full graphic support to the game due to which it does not runs smoothly. But still it was much fun to play one race.

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    Re: Will F1 2010 work on my 27" iMac

    I suggest you to go buying the CD for F1 2010 which is an awesome game and specially on the mac os x as this operating system lets you move easily from one to another application. Anyway, it might happen that it is not much useful for you but it gets to joyful when you play. If you are not fond of playing the game with the highest settings then you won't get disappointed after playing F1 2010 on your iMac.

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