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Thread: Mac Startup Shortcut keys not working?

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    Mac Startup Shortcut keys not working?

    I have bought a new macbook in july it was working fine upto today but I am getting the problem with my macbook. Later than inquiry the Mac create tone normally if you seize down C it will boot from the Mac Install/Recovery disc or if you compress cmd+option+P+R it resolve rearrange the PRAM or cmd+option+V should illustrate the unix method boot up series. Nothing of these shortcuts appear to be effective on my Mac and it boots directly keen on Mac OS 10.5, any thoughts why there not functioning and how I can get these startup shortcuts functioning once more? I want suggestion to get the desired solution please suggest me . Thank you.

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    Re: Mac Startup Shortcut keys not working?

    Are you by means of wireless? I've observe matter anywhere bluetooth keyboards won’t provide instructions until OS X is completely overloaded. Supplies that are you use an Apple keyboard? I am familiar with that there is a firmware update for the keyboard, so no damage in annoying that. Other than that, I Am kind of confused. Somewhat than before you for the strike, just try urgent the left ALT straight away on urgent the Power button. Remain it help, confidently you should observe start up manager. I think this may be help ful to you I would like to suggest you go through this and try to get the solution . I think this will be helpful to you.

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    Re: Mac Startup Shortcut keys not working?

    I had exactly the similar trouble. When I pushed the "C" button at the same time as I was booting my MacBook Pro, it reserved booting keen on Mac OS X all the time. But I could observe the Installer on my desktop. What time I resume MAC OS X Installer DVD from desktop, I chased utilities and more than there was Firmware Password utility, in that utility I remove Firmware Password and behind that I had no more trouble with establish shortcuts. Tried a two restless keyboards directly associated to the structure and I am still not capable to acquire the boot keys to work. Hope this helps. I think this will be helpful to you. You should to try this I think this will really works to get the desired solution.

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    Re: Mac Startup Shortcut keys not working?

    I had this matter on my 2006 iMac (which has while died entirely). I establish that the USB Apple aluminum keyboard would not make active the boot alternative. I knew the iMac was fading, so I contemplation that maybe the USB ports were departure wonky. A passing remark at the Apple Genius Bar - "that's the incorrect keyboard" provoked me to attempt the old Apple BT keyboard that get nearer with the iMac (The big white plastic one). I set in new batteries and tried booting the iMac once more. Amazing! All of the boot-up options worked! I was capable to acquire the system to start-up in object Disc manner so that I might wipe the hard drive. I think this will works.

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    Re: Mac Startup Shortcut keys not working?

    Someway, I think that the firmware password complex is messed awake. It might be from one of the fresh informed that customized the OS kernel. I believe so as to part of the firmware password (the overcrowding of the KB on boot) got twisted back on. Immediately a presume, but I believe it's the cause, if simply because what you explain is accurately what the firmware password does to the KB on boot. You might repost this in the Unix debate to see if somebody knows how to loosen it straight in a incurable. I am extremely certain that this is the trouble, but it leftovers to resolve it. You require re-enabling the KB on boot. I am certain it's easy, but I do not identify how or anywhere to locate it.

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    Re: Mac Startup Shortcut keys not working?

    As regards three months ago I obtain a renovate IMac. I totally love it, but I include a difficulty with the keyboard. The mixture of Shift and any key construct a capital letter apart from Shift c which construct nothing. I called Apple; they launch me a surrogate keyboard. It didn't assist and isn't a hardware trouble. I have listen to that people that set up a MS Windows report of software on their IMac use the Shift c amalgamation to shift back and forth. I haven't done this, but am being unsure if the person who had it previous to me did this and it wasn't restored. In any happening, I have been from end to end the system favorite and the help menu. I am certain I someway need to return the modifier or shortcut keys... but can't figure out how to correct this. The way it is, I have to turn the caps lock on furthermore hit c to create a capital c. can anybody give me a suggestion?

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