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Old 14-10-2010
Join Date: Apr 2008
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Tips for installing ubuntu on netbook Ubuntu Netbook Remix

This guide is intended as a simple aid to the installation of ubuntu netbook via a USB memory without using other PCs and will be divided into two parts, the first to create liveusb in Ubuntu UNR 4.8 or XP / Vista, the second installation true on a USB key or in the main disk.
Here are the tested Netbooks
The test was done using the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 (8 GB SSD and 1GB of RAM), a 1GB USB memory and a 8GB (optional - required for installation persistent)


First, create a liveusb Jaunty Jackalope UNR

First make sure you have installed on your PC or netbook on the ImageWriter, if not we are going to install it using Synaptic, then download the image from Ubuntu insert the 1GB memory and launch ImageWriter

From the first drop-down menu select the image file and according to our memory stick and give the OK. The program will ask for confirmation before proceeding.

When the operation is finished we will have our liveusb.

With XP-Vista
In this case you need to download image-writer-win32 , unzip the file. zip and launch the application.
In the dropdown menu we will select the image file and the usb hard landing:

Click on Write and after a few minutes we will LiveUSB. Be careful not to click on Read Why should I do the opposite by writing the contents of the USB memory the image file.

At this point you can try Ubuntu on your netbook, and ultimately decide whether to begin installing a second hard disk or usb key size.


Let us now install the new JJ and again identify two different procedures.

Liveusb as a bootable disk

A NetBook off, insert the key with LiveUSB, and we start in boot mode:
Dell Mini 9: Press 0
Asus EeePC: Press F2 or Esc
Acer ONE: Press F12

We select the usb memory that contains the Live and we sent.
First asked to choose the language, once selected you will present the classic menu Ubuntu installation.

The items that interest us are:

Proof Ubuntu Netbook Remix without modifying the computer: It allows you to try Ubuntu, and if compatible with the hardware to install (1);
Install Ubuntu Netbook Remix: Starts immediately installer (2).
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Old 14-10-2010
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 3,518
Re: Tips for installing ubuntu on netbook Ubuntu Netbook Remix

(1) Test
In the event that we had chosen to try JJ, the screen will appear that there will be as follows:

This is the desktop of UNR, find a bar on the left with the groups of programs, the programs themselves in the middle and right available disks and folders.

If you want to try the classic desktop, select "Preferences" from the left navigation bar and click on the icon "Switch to Desktop."

Once confirmation on the use of the classic desktop, your screen will be as follows:

Remember that as long as you use the version LiveUSB, all changes will be lost when you restart the system.

(2) Installation
UNR When you want to install on your netbook, you can do so by clicking on the "Install" or if you prefer directly from the boot. In both cases you will be presented the following screen:

After selecting the language, click Next:

We select our time zone and then the keyboard

In the event that we started with the installation under test, after clicking on one would present the following message:

Once confirmed the choice, go to the screen to prepare the disk from which to choose on which partition to install:

Installation can be directly on the master disk, the program will create a second partition automatically without any user intervention, or use the entire disk, or use USB memory sticks. In our case, from the menu, we will select the USB memory 8 GB:

Once you choose the type of installation and support, click on Next and fill in the form of personal information. We can decide if we are asked when you start Ubuntu the user name and password or if the login should be automatic.

In the event that the netbook was an earlier version of Linux, you can import files and settings in this case, you just select the item in question:

After clicking Next, you will have the last screen with the summary of settings

In the advanced option, you can set the partition, if you want to take a survey on the use of applications and set a network proxy.

After you select install it will take, depending on the speed of the storage medium, from 15 to 25 minutes in order to continue with the installation of JJ.

First Start

Canonical has chosen not to include in the pictures for UNR, language support. So, the first reboot you have the following windows and we will proceed to the discharge of the language:

Without this update the system using the update manager.

At the time of this writing, there is a pretty annoying bug. For a flaw in the desktop switcher, if you restart your desktop PC from the classic metacity does not load and you lose the gnome bars, found in the inability to use the system.
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