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Thread: Mac make files offline

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    Mac make files offline

    Hi guys I want to ask something about the most idiotic OS in the world!

    I want to make files on a active dirictory server available offline on a macbook pro with mac OS X 10.6.4.

    When I make a alias for the folder and inplug the network cable i cant do anything in the folder.

    When i make another folder and use a sync tool for mac (filesync) i can edit stuff in the folder from outside the network but when i get back into the network I need to reconnect the folder on the server before I can sync???

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    Re: Mac make files offline

    Try to follow the steps that I have mentioned below:
    1. Go to the System Preferences
    2. Click on Accounts
    3. Then Unlock for Changes
    4. Login Options
    5. Network Account Server: Edit (already joined to AD Domain)
    6. Open Directory Utility
    7. Unlock for Changes
    8. Select Active Directory
    9. Click the Pencil to edit
    10. Show Advanced Options
    11. Put a Check in the box for "Create mobile account at login"

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