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Thread: Bootmgr is missing windows vista

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    Bootmgr is missing windows vista

    I have a windows vista 32 bit.
    I think i have 2 hard drives.

    I had vista on my laptop and i tried to install XP .During XP installation i skipped some files and later on aborted the XP installation. When switched on my laptop i had NTLDR missing which i sorted it out .After that when i tried to restart it, Windows would not boot, and a message that says "BOOTMGR IS MISSING press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". So i looked it up, and downloaded the repair disc, and now when i try to repair it, i'm supposed to select my OS from the list in order to repair it. My OS is not showing up on the list, so theres no way to repair it.
    If i try to continue without selecting my OS it says "the problem could not be fixed automatically"
    Also tried Bootrec /RebuildBcd and after that Bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup but it says that system can find the path. i have tried all the options.

    Can someone please HELP?
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    Re: Bootmgr is missing windows vista

    The problem when the file bootmgr is missing / damaged / with a different path is that the initiation process can not find your OS and everything hangs before launching Windows. It's the same thing if you delete the file tree of a disk file (which organizes your files into small pieces on the physical and indicates the path) then you see a blank disc and Windows you even suggest formatting. In reality everything is still there but we need roads ... know for this problem there is a free software that allows to reconstruct these roads elsewhere.

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    Re: Bootmgr is missing windows vista


    Thanks for your reply. May i know about the free software please.


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