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Thread: WIA service is hung on starting

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    WIA service is hung on starting

    In my Error Log of Windows XP Professional, Version 5.1, it is repeatedly showing that my Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service is hung on starting (from Service Control Manager). The Canon digital camera Access Library 8 (for SD750) bundled service software I had installed depends on the WIA service which failed to start because of the following error: After starting, the service hung in a start-pending state. Canon reps say I should refer this problem to Microsoft. When I go into Services.MSC, the startup type for Windows Imaging Acquisition service is selected Automatic and not stopped. I don't seem to have any problems downloading images using the system's Scanner and Camera Wizard, but the computer doesn't seem to recognize the Canon camera for automatic downloading/transferring. Before Canon was installed, I had Kodak software which seemed to work excellent with automatic downloading/transferring and had no problem with WIA being hung. My computer seemed to function a little slower after I installed the Canon software. Is there a conflict and should I uninstall the Canon software? Or what can be done about the WIA service to resolve this problem?
    Can somebody please help. Thanks.

    Computer Info:
    IBM Netvista
    Intel Pentium 4 Processor, 1.8 GHz
    512 MB

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    Re: WIA service is hung on starting

    Are you sure you are making the right application or driver that is needed for the camera you are working with. Check out for the same and also try to upgrade the version of the driver which is been installed, Basically you may not be able to function for the same as the desired change is essential for you to get process and then make the desired change that is needed. So perform.

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