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Thread: Sound delay problem when using a microphone

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    Sound delay problem when using a microphone

    I have a normal computer which is running Windows 7. I have realtek audio driver installed in it. Till now everything was running perfect except the microphone. Whenever I connect microphone to my computer to see some video, I found that the sound is delayed about 1 second.

    I am wondering to find the solution for it. I have selected “immediate mode” but that does not changed anything. Please help me with your suggestion.
    Thank you
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    Re: Sound delay problem when using a microphone

    There may be problem with the port where you have connected the microphone. This may be the problem behind the delayed sound through your microphone. You can connect the your microphone to the back panel of your system and this may solve your problem because there is possibilities that the front panel port may not be proper where you are connecting the microphone.

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    Re: Sound delay problem when using a microphone

    As you told that you have installed Windows 7 in your computer and I would like to tell you that it it requires specific updates and drivers and it makes the device to functions properly. This is the simplest solution for this issue that you are facing at the time. Download the updates from internet and install it. I hope this will solve the issue. good luck

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    Re: Sound delay problem when using a microphone

    You can follow the following steps to solve the issue.

    • First of all go to the start menu and click.
    • Open the search box and type devmgmt.msc and hit enter.
    • Now Expand the sound controller and double click on the entry points of sound card.
    • Click on the tab driver and uninstall the same.
    • Click on start again and then type appwiz.cpl. and press Enter.
    • Final step is to remove all entries related to display adapters.

    Restart your system. This will definitely help.

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    Re: Sound delay problem when using a microphone

    Your sound driver may be corrupted and you need to reinstall it.Uninstall it from device manager and again reinstall it. If that also doesn’t work in your case then you can download the latest driver from internet for your sound and install it in the laptop. This will surely do the thing for you is you have driver problem. Hope this will help you.

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    Re: Sound delay problem when using a microphone

    There may be problem with your microphone also. You should check your microphone on some other computer. If it works properly with the other computer then it will give you clear idea that your microphone is defected then you can go for repair or if it is under warranty then you can go for replacement. If does not work in other computer then you have problem in your audio drive.

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    Re: Sound delay problem when using a microphone

    Is is definitely a driver issue. You have to install the updates. You should remove the driver, and then run Windows Update to install it again. Here are the steps to remove:
    1. Click Start > Start Search box and type "devmgmt.msc" after this press Enter.
    2. Now you have to expand "Sound, video and game controllers", and double-click on the entry of the sound card.
    3. Click on Driver Tab and click "Uninstall".
    4. Again click on start and in the Start Search box type "appwiz.cpl" and press Enter.
    5. Remove all the entries which are related to the display adapter.

    But you have to disable your antivirus temporary to install audio driver.

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