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Thread: Windows 7 to add network printers - not enough memory

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    Windows 7 to add network printers - not enough memory

    I have for some time now posted on my Lenovo Windows 7, the whole is stable and much faster than under Windows XP. Now I would like to add a network printer on my DS107 + Synology Disk Storage Center depends Add this has worked perfectly well under Windows XP and Linux. The printer can also choose to dive and that I, but I get the following message:
    "Printer connection can not be established. This operation is not enough memory available. Close some applications and retry the operation."
    Can I somehow not quite explain, especially since my laptop has 4GB of RAM and almost no use except on the browser and the device managers. Does anyone know a solution for this strange problem?

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    Re: Windows 7 to add network printers - not enough memory

    Network printer <-> error. I would like to recommend you to install the printer locally. Because an error message that you are getting "not enough memory", can be solved by installing the printer locally. According to me there are 75% chances of your problem to be solved. I think that you can now solve your issue.

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    Re: Windows 7 to add network printers - not enough memory

    Thanks for the answer, have the printer connected locally and then once installed it successfully. Could now print my files, but can I change the connection under the printer properties or even add one. For a right-click on the printer properties appear only the tab "General" and "hardware" when clicking on properties I can not make no advanced settings?? Please help me more...

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    Re: Windows 7 to add network printers - not enough memory

    Do you have it set up as a TCP / IP printer? The following are steps that can help you :
    1. Control Panel
    2. Devices and printers
    3. Add Printer
    4. Add a local printer
    5. Create New Connection
    6. Connection type: Standard TCP / IP Port
    7. More
    8. Host name or IP address: 192.168.xy
    9. Connection Name: any
    10. Custom
    11. LPR mark
    12. Queue: LPT1 (or LP1)
    13. LPR Byte Counting mark
    14. Next -> Windows Update (which may take longer)
    15. Choose your printer ... ...

    To quickly access the printer, you can set up on the desktop - right click with - a new link.

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    Re: Windows 7 to add network printers - not enough memory

    Some drivers work in the so-called kernel mode, the master really only server. Shares you this, the non-server start with the driver or does not, unfortunately, even the wrong. Why this may occur, you must ask for the printer manufacturers and Microsoft. Also try to check out the latest driver and then do the installation of the drivers again. One thing you should keep in mind that before installing the new drivers, you must make sure that you uninstall the existing one. Because many times it happens that new drivers didn't get replaced with an existing drivers, so it is better to uninstall the old drivers and then install the new ones.

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    Re: Windows 7 to add network printers - not enough memory

    Are you sure you definitively that you have installed the printer locally? Although I am not even sure if the printer prints W7 for local installation of TCP / IP as a network printer. I think not. In addition, please do not take the driver CD, the drivers are probably very old. Even if the drivers have the Cd version 4.0, rather take the Windows 7 own driver that definitely exists, according to HP for your printer or take "HP LaserJet P2014 and P2014n Host Based Plug and Play Package" This one is from 2009. In addition, you have already installed the printer but once successful locally. These drivers, which hang around on your laptop somewhere, had to suffice even have to. Why again the driver CD? Well, you wrote, you would have no properties and more options, but please rely on the above said driver.

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    Re: Windows 7 to add network printers - not enough memory

    My own personal opinion. Driver cache etc. is gone. If the printer does not work with W7 locally via USB then not using TCP / IP. Locally I would grab another W7 PC and install the printer with the supposedly existing integrated W7 drivers first on the USB. Nevertheless, W7 has problems with routers and network devices, but this has been a Vista time to come. My advice is one last test with a different PC or another W7 make. If it does not work, then it is just so.

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