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Thread: Flash Drive Not Recognized (Windows 7)

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    Flash Drive Not Recognized (Windows 7)

    Hello guys,

    I'm having a problem with my flash drive. I have a rather old flash drive that works perfectly fine on my windows xp sp3 pc. it doesn't require any drivers to be installed (plug and play).

    Recently I bought an asus g73jh-a1 notebook that operates on windows 7 64 bit, and when i tried pluging the flash drive in, nothing seems to happen.

    I'll state again, the flash drive is perfectly fine. the usb port on the notebook itself also works, since I tested it with a mouse. I just don't know why it won't recognize it.

    I've tried renaming the other hard drives to W\X\Y\Z so that D\E\F\G would be avilable to use, but it doesn't seem to work. I can't even find it in disk management but I know it's plugged in since the led light on the flash drives works.

    Also, there's the same problem with a digital camera I try to plug in. the PC recognized it as always but the notebook seems to ignore it.

    I'd welcome any help possible

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    Re: Flash Drive Not Recognized (Windows 7)

    Did you first try to use your flash drive in a different USB Port? Try the below suggestion to fix this issue and report back incase if didnt work:

    1. Click the Start button, type regedit, and hit Enter.
    2. In the Registry Editor, click the registry subkey HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control.
    3. In the details pane, locate the ServicesPipeTimeout entry, right-click that entry and then select Modify.

    Note: If the ServicesPipeTimeout entry does not exist, you must create it by selecting New on the Edit menu, followed by the DWORD Value, then typing ServicesPipeTimeout, and clicking Enter.

    4. Click Decimal, enter 1000, and then click OK
    5. Restart the computer.

    Try the flash drive again.

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    Re: Flash Drive Not Recognized (Windows 7)

    the usb port is fine, i have 3 and it happenes in all 3...

    ServicesPipeTimeout didn't exist, I created it and did as you ordered, twice... one time with DWORD and another with QWORD (it stated 64 bit next to it and that's the os I run so I've tried it too...)

    It won't work
    Thanks for the reply though

    any other ideas? :{

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    Re: Flash Drive Not Recognized (Windows 7)

    Guys... :X
    I've plugged in 2 different flash drives to any slot avilable and nothing happenes! nothing! not in my computer\disk management... and I know it's in since the led light on it works...

    my os is windows 7 home edition 64 bit...

    There must be something prevanting it from loading but how can I find it?

    Please help me

    I'm sorry if this message is considered spam...

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    Re: Flash Drive Not Recognized (Windows 7)

    I have been searching for a solution for this prolblem and have not found any one that has a solution, including Windows 7 website.
    I am frustrated that after all this time I can not find any simple solution.
    I know that many people have the same problem, I don't understand why Windows doesn't have a quick fix for this on thier website.

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