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Thread: bios password Acer Aspire 8935G

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    bios password Acer Aspire 8935G

    I am running Windows 7 32 bit operating system on my Acer Aspire 8935G laptop and after coming back from sleep, my laptop asked me password which i have never set. Now may be i have to put the default which i do not know. Can you guys tell me that how can i reset the BIOS of my laptop. I am getting the message as System Disabled ( 01576 ).

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    Re: bios password Acer Aspire 8935G

    The "conventional" way to reset a BIOS is to reset to the BIOS jumper. Which jumper is so may be seen in the description of the mainboard, which is also available on the Internet.
    CAUTION: During the resetting jumper must be switched on the PC under any circumstances. The best thing is to remove the power cable during the resetting. Reset by removing the battery works as well, but even here the power cord should be removed, be sufficient as the low voltage that prevails on the motherboard with power supply, may be that the settings can be retained in the Bios.

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    Re: bios password Acer Aspire 8935G

    Help is always a look in the manual. Newer motherboards have a jumper to start the reset or even a dual BIOS where you in an emergency a backup Flashprom. There are also always in the BIOS option to reset the default settings. The battery take out only if the BIOS does not respond anymore.

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    Re: bios password Acer Aspire 8935G

    For BIOS reset you have to do the following:
    1. Make sure first that for you, there is no electrostatic charge. It is sufficient if the computer case is handled.
    2. This board is in general - in the immediate vicinity of the CMOS battery - a jumper block with three pins and a 2-pin jumper. The jumper block is according to the manufacturer with JCMOS, CLRTC etc. labeled. In the manual, the exact description is evident.
    3. jumper has pins 1 + 2 (default setting!) Off and the pins 2 and 3 put on. Some manufacturers also recommend to remove the battery.
    4. After about 10-20 seconds, the battery re-insert and the jumper back on pins 1 and 2 must backtrack.
    5. Close back pc case and power cord back close to the power adapter to connect it. Now if the computer is turned on, the BIOS is put back in original condition (factory setting).
    6. Since all individual settings are lost or have been reset, the BIOS must be reconfigured, so all the necessary on board equipment, printer settings, etc. are enabled and set.

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    Re: bios password Acer Aspire 8935G

    • Back up all essential information to an external device like flash drive or hard drive.
    • Be definite that all applications are terminated and reboot your Acer laptop.
    • Separate any external hardware.
    • Now boot your Acer laptop.
    • Press "Alt + F10" when the Acer screen comes at the start of the boot up process. Wait for soe time while Windows loads the reset files.
    • Go for "Restore System from factory default" in the Acer eRecovery Management window.
    • Click on "Next" then click on an "OK" in the notice which you get on your Acer laptop.
    • Now Acer laptop will reset all the factory settings.

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