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Old 31-08-2010
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Increase boot up speed for Windows

I am using windows xp and windows vista. I have a dual setup on my computer. I was wondering if I can boot up the speed on both the operating system. I do not know if the dual boot up of operating system is causing for a slow bootup. So, if you have any idea regarding this then please let me know. Thank you for your help in advance.
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Old 31-08-2010
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Re: Increase boot up speed for Windows

If you have a large number of applications that Windows is loaded at startup, you may have noticed that your Windows startup is very slow. Earlier I wrote about speeding up your PC by the MSCONFIG tool and off useless startup programs. But with many start-off applications, you can be still a good number, you want to run every time Windows starts. Each application with eating up CPU cycles and May also read and write from the hard disk (hence the constantly flashing light disk loading up). In this case, you can actually delay the start-up programs after Windows starts. Startup Delayer is a brilliant program that not only you, it speeds up your boot time delay by you to or stop for the start of programs . By default, Windows will try to load up all the same programs every time you start Windows, what too much of contention and general slowness.

- Once you install Startup Delayer, you get a list of running applications that load automatically at startup. nice thing about this program is The that there are two modes, safe and advanced. In Safe Mode, you see only programs on the U.S. program and can not delete programs from the Startup list. In advanced mode, you can actually remove items if you do not want them to start up and you will see, to find other programs, such as system programs.

- To delay an application, just click and drag it to the bottom of the window. When you do this, you will see that the beam bottom is the fact a time frame for the time to load should the program has to be delayed. Drag the program about the delay it to the desired amount of time.

- I have in the program to start SunJavaUpdate delay 6 seconds after the start of Windows. Now what do you want in order to add programs and spacing them out so they all start at different times. It allows applications to load the heavier and lighter later apps before. You can, for example by SunJava delay 10 seconds, and if you have Yahoo Messenger installed, and several other messengers, you can by the delay 20 to 30 seconds because they need more resources.

- You can also click the Actions menu and choose Space evenly and the program will automatically program and space them evenly throughout the time scale. Once the delay time for all Program, you must activate Startup Delayer either by clicking on the red triangle, the symbol of SD-written , or by going to Actions and select Enable Startup Delayer and then choose either version with Hidden or Use Graphic version.

- Now restart the computer, and hopefully you should decrease your boot time as these programs are not loaded immediately. Quick and easy way to speed up a slow Windows computer.
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Old 31-08-2010
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Re: Increase boot up speed for Windows

One of the aspects of computer science is boring the infamous boot doubt. Those who are tiring and boring, that nobody likes. Why does not accelerate it a bit? In addition to saving you want, tear Her hair, a faster booting really useful if you need information fast. There are a number of ways to speed up your Windows boot, but the most effective Bootvis is to use a free tool from Microsoft named. This is a small 1MB download, so go right on to and download.

There are a number of ways to speed up your Windows boot, but the most effective Bootvis is to use a free tool from Microsoft named. Bootvis you can here . This is a small 1MB download, so go right on to and download.

- Once you have downloaded Bootvis, run the file and install it by following the instructions on the screen.
- Run Bootvis by navigating to "Bootvis" under "Microsoft Bootvis "in your Start menu.
- You should now be at the home of Bootvis screen.
- Looks complicated, does not it? Well, that's what this article is here. Fortunately, there is not much to do you optimize your boot times. First, click on "Next Boot + Driver Delays " in "Trace" menu.
- Now a pop-up asking for the number of repeats.
- Leave it to the default values, and before you click OK, save everything you're working, because you will be prompted to restart your system. Once you've saved anything important, you click OK, and let your system to restart.
- Once the system is rebooted, it will seem as if nothing happened, but is actually Bootvis Laden detailed graphics of the track. Leave it alone for a few minutes, and finally Bootvis pop-up.
- Well, you will be at the graph I mentioned above. You can very complicated, but it is more than Bootvis for you.
- Now click "Optimize System" in "Trace". Bootvis again will restart you. Have to do it.
- After booting, Bootvis begin the actual optimization.
- Let us stop Bootvis optimize, and you're done, your boat-ups should now clearly be biting.
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