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Thread: WHS not connecting to internet

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    WHS not connecting to internet

    I have use windows home server for home , but I quite dry. I fully configure my server, everything worked really well for file sharing locally but can not share the Internet connection. Let me explain : My home server is used to share files with other computers in the house, but also share files with my Xbox 360 which is connected via RJ45 cable to the NIC on my server . The server connects to the Livebox WiFi ( yes not terrible but not the choice) . So I want to give Internet access to my Xbox 360, but I have not seen this effect for the ICS. Please help.

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    Re: WHS not connecting to internet

    Check the steps:
    # Start the Windows Home Server Console
    # User Accounts menu , and choose the account that will access from outside , and change the permissions accordingly.
    # Still in the console, then Settings Remote Access
    # Follow the setup wizard.
    # Done, you now have access to your WHS.

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    Re: WHS not connecting to internet

    You need to access internet via Remote Desktop , make sure the network card in your WHS is set to accept Wake On Line (if you use the add -in Lights Out and it works, then your card is already set correctly ).If necessary, configure your router or DSL box so he / she agrees to let the protocol MagicPacket toward your server . That is to pass on UDP port 7 from the web on your network . On my D-Link router , I have not needed to do . It does this by default . Here is an example of a Freebox : You must find this time the MAC address of your WHS . If you do not know how, take a look this address by performing manipulations directly on the server via remote desktop access .

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    Re: WHS not connecting to internet

    I used the wizard to create a NAS at the beginning I created a translation SIN classic , and I only had access to the internet with my Xbox 360. I started with the VPN with the NAS and although there have access to the Internet and files through my Xbox 360 . I see the server in the PC but can not be accessed. While I was under ICS when I saw an icon of a server to access any online services from my home server , streaming via Media Player and direct access to shared files .

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    Re: WHS not connecting to internet

    It is work with my computer. I first disabled the DHCP server of my Freebox enabled DHCP server WHS add-in installed and configured DHCP4WHS OpenDNS DNS servers when allocating IP address. Now, therefore, WHS which assigns IP addresses to computers on my home network and they all point to the DNS to OpenDNS. Two small www.DUFIEUX , however: by disabling the DHCP server of my Freebox .

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    Re: WHS not connecting to internet

    I resolved by two methods:
    1 . Directly by its WAN IP address . Problem: IP address changes , except among some providers that assign a fixed IP to their customers for broadband connections .
    2 . For her first name , but in this case, there must be a mapping between the name and IP address. This is the job of the DNS
    Dynamic DNS solves all your problems because

    1 . It maps the hostname and IP address
    2 . When provider to change your address , the DNS server knows synamique and remade the map.

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