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Thread: Can not sort folders by size

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    Can not sort folders by size

    When I use Windows 7 , I can not sort the folders or files by myself, instead of by default, such as name,type,size, date. What i want to do is to free up some space on my hard drive, so that I can copy the largest folders to a spare drive. Is there any way to fix out this problem ? Please help me soon friends. I really need to do the same. Help appreciated.

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    Re: Can not sort folders by size

    If I am arranging my items,then generally we need to find out common property of these items first. You need to choose on "Sort" from the context menu of the properties. Windows 7 provides many details to display for items in the folder. Let us right click at the background of the folder==>click Sort by==>click more, then you will look a lot of details for this items in this folder, then we should check out the box you want to sort. Then selected detail will display in the sub-selection of 'Sort by' and 'Group by' tags. It is based on our test machinery, you can combine 'Sort by' and 'Group by' functions together to meet your requirement. For example, you have to first Group the items by name, then you can sort the items by type.
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    Re: Can not sort folders by size

    But there ids one idea is coming,I think by dragging folders or files manually,do you think like this? would like to be able to manually arrange the contents of some folders or files.It seems no way to disable the sorting for a specific folder, so this capability is missing in W7 This is so irritating, Don’t get it Why did Microsoft remove such useful thing? I want this option to be restored..I think manually sorting can be reactivated.
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    Re: Can not sort folders by size

    I have tried treesize free, it is good but not for selecting multiple folders, and it is also not good for cutting and pasting them to a new drive.the transffering rate of pasting is slow,I can’nt understand this is why?If treesize can scan my drive within 2 seconds, then why can't windows have this role? The argument amount hanging or recursive searching is redundant, and there should be an option for network admins to turn off the option on their systems, if it slows down.Microsoft is refusal to apply a folder size sort column is just spectacularly naive and I resent it hugely. There is no cofusion thst Treesize is good, and it demonstrates that calculating folder sizes on a modern system is computationally trivial.

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    Re: Can not sort folders by size

    Microsoft gives us advise to manage the large large folders on the hard drive.we should actually know this thing,we are able to see folder at a we can perform it,I do righ click on every folder and write down the answer .what can we manually create an excel spreadsheat of any folder .windows 7 team can perform envisage,I can matain our hard drives?when windows7 is capable of showingthe size of folder we have to click on right click button,therefore I can say os is able to fulfill.
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