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Thread: Microsoft IdentityCRL folder

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    Microsoft IdentityCRL folder

    I do not know how, but a file was installed on my hard drive. Location: My Computer / Shared Documents File Name: IdentityCRL / Producer / (empty) As I said, I do not know at all how this damn file was installed on my hard drive. It's a real mystery because it appeared in March 2009 as that .... without my noticing it ... In conducting a review of my records that I recently learned of this issue. I do not know if this is related, but my computer crashes often for some time, I think it's at about this time (March 2009) that my problems are occurring. I would appreciate more information on this issue .... from which it ?....... Is it a virus ?...... Is it dangerous?

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    Re: Microsoft IdentityCRL folder

    I was too facing that error but it was not after reinstalling windows but if there was a problem with windows. I get a window which says my copy of Windows is not genuine. I could have cheated or something so I do not know anything about that my computer and install IM . If someone knows any solution for this error please pray tell me I need to connect to the messenger.

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    Re: Microsoft IdentityCRL folder

    As far as i know this is created auomatically by the windows live Sign in assistant. I don't think that this is a virus application or so. But atleast it should be created in the %APPDATA%\Microsoft folder or might be in the my documents folder. It indicates that the windows live messenger is not correctly configured.

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    Re: Microsoft IdentityCRL folder

    I found that the error occurs because the digital signature fails ppcrlconfig.bin my account: Error during system-level verification of trust. However, the same file on another machine validated. So I still do not know how they are arranged. As this is already quite old, but I leave the solution this because the encryption service is disabled or not started here you have to do is start -> Run -> services.msc find the service encryption and double click and put him Automatic and start it and go and after you start the IM chat session all users you can disable it again and you can start the messenger chat session without re-enable normal

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