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Thread: Is Eudora 7 compatible with Windows 7

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    Is Eudora 7 compatible with Windows 7

    I have been using the apple Macbook for quiet a long time and i am now i have a desktop computer which is running with the Eudora 7 i am not aware whether it is compatible with windows 7. I have installed the same on windows 7 but i keep getting an error messages about .tmp files missing. Also it would be better if you can tell me a different email client software which is compatible with the windows 7 operating system.

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    Re: Is Eudora 7 compatible with Windows 7

    I would suggest you to reinstall the Eudora application on your desktop computer , when the installer prompts you to choose a data folder, Select C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Qualcomm\Eudora . If it doesn't ask you to select change the folder option before running Eudora for the first time.
    • Then Go to the properties of the Eudora by right clicking the icon on the desktop.
    • Set the Start in: folder to "C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Eudora "

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    Re: Is Eudora 7 compatible with Windows 7

    Mozilla Thunderbird is an e-mail program compatible with windows 7. It is a lightweight, extremely fast, easy to use and offers many advantages over competing programs. You can customize the toolbar to add extensions to refine certain specific features as needed, filter the message display, or even modify the interface according to your taste with themes available. Mozilla Thunderbird also offers a powerful filter that can identify spam smart! Thunderbird now supports tabbed display introduced by Mozilla Firefox and also incorporates a more powerful search engine with six filters (subject, author, date, etc..). This new version 3.1.2 brings improvements in stability and bug fixes.

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    Re: Is Eudora 7 compatible with Windows 7

    Windows Live Mail is a messaging software that allows you to manage your email accounts Webmail: Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.. The application allows you to customize your letters by adding stationery or a frame, by changing the font, etc.. You'll also have spam filters, a calendar, a contact manager, a RSS reader, and other security tools. The large photos are sent as thumbnails, which speeds the loading and does not clutter up the inbox of the recipient. Note: The item is a downloaded installer, you can check and uncheck Windows Live Mail and other services.

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    Re: Is Eudora 7 compatible with Windows 7

    I think that you shoudl go for the IncrediMail which is an email client that allows you to customize your e-mails to your liking. The application offers a wide selection of back-up, animations, sounds and 3D effects. IncrediMail has all the options for managing standard messages and manages multiple identities and the import of address books and messages.

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    Re: Is Eudora 7 compatible with Windows 7

    Regarding the meaning of "64b", what you say is partly true in fact. In our case, 64b is not the "width of code" as you say but only the width of the transmitted address. To be complete and unambiguous, it must be said addressing mode 64b 64b because the value can match a lot of things The width of data bus, a PCI or PCI-X says "professional" as in PCI Most buses in a PC, the data bus is also used to pass addresses. The width of data bus of a DIMM or SODIMM.

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    Re: Is Eudora 7 compatible with Windows 7

    The data and address bus pass can not be different 16b, 32b, 64b, 128b ... different places. Fortunately, these buses are used across the width of most of the time, otherwise it would still be the same mess. But in the case of the address, AC is not necessarily the case. It is not because a PCI bus 64b is the address using all the bits. It's that will address the difference between 64b and 64b bus width.

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