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Thread: Want free product key for windows 7

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    Want free product key for windows 7

    I have bought windows 7 CD from my friend and I have loaded a windows 7 trial version. It is not having any kind of product key on the same. It is the format of xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx. Now there is a trial key on the OS disc which I do not think will work after a time period. So here I am looking for a free serial keys but I am unable to find anything. I want some help here. Is there anyone who is having multiple and want to share. Sharing is caring

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    Re: Want free product key for windows 7

    Windows 7 is a paid operating system. And you cannot just ask for serial keys from anyone. You can try using the trail edition for a period and when it gets expired you can remove and re-install it back. That is the only way through which you can use a free edition of Windows. And for a license you have to buy a key. Also it is not legal to simply get a key from web and use the same. That means you are using a pirated version and can face issue.

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    Re: Want free product key for windows 7

    You can extend your activation period:
    1) You have to enter cmd into the Start Menu Search
    2)Now you have to do right click the cmd icon and choose “Run as Administrator”
    3) And after that enter slmgr.vbs -rearm after that press Enter
    4) Restart. After which, right click Computer, then choose Properties. You’ll observe that the oppose has been reset to 30 days.

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    The more you can do is just get an beta version if it is available. Beta version offer you a long life usage. And this is released when the OS is first out in the market. There are chances that some site might be offering you the beta edition for download. It is free to use and will give you a few years of usage. But it is not the complete and stable edition to try out.

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