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Thread: Windows 7: What is Schannel

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    Windows 7: What is Schannel

    Hi, i am a Windows 7 user. Yesterday while working on my computer, suddenly i found an error saying something like "following fatal alert was generated 10." It was actually schannel event id 36888. This is new for me as am still new for Windows 7 and has never seen this error before. Also while roaming here on ths forum i found many posts regarding Schannel error. could you guys please make me know what is meant by schannel ?

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    Re: Windows 7: What is Schannel

    Schannel basically stands for Secure Channel. It is a security package that offers authentication among clients and servers. Shannel is a security support provider (SSP) that includes a set of security protocols that gives identity authentication and secure, confidential communication all the way through encryption. It is mainly used for Internet apps that needs secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) communications.

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    Re: Windows 7: What is Schannel

    The schannel.dll files are enclosed with program code that is mainly used by IE while communicating with websites by means of 128-bit SSL (Secured Sockets Layer). You be supposed to depart this file unaided, as some websites will not be reachable via Internet Explorer.

    Schannel.dll is programmed like a system process and won’t seem to be a security risk. Though, taking away TLS / SSL Security Provider Library could unfavorably crash your system. Our process monitor database at present records schannel.dll to Microsoft. It is just a element of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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    Re: Windows 7: What is Schannel

    Schannel protocols use algorithms beginning a cipher suite to generate keys and secure the information. A cipher suite is a package of cryptographic algorithms. It identifies 1 algorithm for every of the following tasks:
    • Key exchange
    • Bulk encryption
    • Message authentication

    Bulk encryption algorithms secure messages replaced among clients and servers. These algorithms are symmetric and carry out well for huge quantity of data.

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    Re: Windows 7: What is Schannel

    Schannel protocols require credentials to authenticate servers and optionally, clients. Server authentication, where the server provides proof of its identity to the client, is required by the Schannel security protocols. Client authentication may be requested by the server at any time.

    Schannel credentials are X.509 certificates. Public and private key information from certificates is used to authenticate the server and optionally, the client. These keys are also used to provide message integrity while client and server exchange the information required to generate and exchange session keys.

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    Re: Windows 7: What is Schannel

    At the time when 2 applications require conversing more steadily, the requests for verification are routed to the SSPI that use to finish the authentication procedure. Beneath the schannel.dll course, the SSPI gives apparent binary huge objects. It then bypass among the applications, at which end they can be bypassed to the SSPI layer on that face. Therefore, the SSPI authorizes an application to make use of dissimilar security models that are accessible on a system or network with no requirement to modify the interface to the security system.

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