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Thread: Require permission from SYSTEM

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    Require permission from SYSTEM

    I am having one issue regarding which i need to work with. I have installed the Windows 7 into the computer of mine which is working fine. But now i am trying to delete some of the file so that i can install then new but it is throwing error message i.e. "You require permission from SYSTEM to make changes to this file". I can not delete them even if i am logged in as Administrator. So please help me to get rid of this issue.

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    Re: Require permission from SYSTEM

    You are logged in as Administrator still you need permission to delete the some of the file which is necessary to run the Windows. This is just for the security reason. You need full control to delete the file or folder from the Windows 7. For that you have to go to the Properties of the File or Folder and then go to the security Tab and after that Click on Advance Tab. Now go to the Owner Tab and after that click on Edit. Select the new Owner and replace the existing owner with the same. Thats it!!

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    Re: Require permission from SYSTEM

    You have to create a new owners account and give it the full control over the folder and then only you can delete the File and the Folder which you wanted to delete. just create an account and log in to that account and take the control folder or file from it s properties and then delete the same. Thanks.

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    Re: Require permission from SYSTEM

    To delete the file and folder of you computer you have to go through the below given step that will help you for same. So if possible then follow this and work with your issue.
    • Right Click on Folder
    • Select Properties
    • Click on Security Tab
    • Click on Advanced
    • Click on Owner tab
    • Click on Edit
    • Create new User
    • Check Replace owner
    • Click on Apply

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    Re: Require permission from SYSTEM

    If nothing is working for your issue and you are still looking for some more solution of it then i will advise you to contact the Microsoft regarding the issue. The Microsoft is having the expert who can help you with the solution available on the same. So if you can then try to get the solution of your problem through the same.

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