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Thread: How to create ISO images for Solaris

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    How to create ISO images for Solaris

    The format of a bootable DVD and CD of Solaris 10 U6 sparc media has changed from previous Solaris 10 update, it now seems there are more like the x86 format, anyone can offer to use the new / given command to re-(modified version) a SPARC bootable ISO image file that unloaded their "directory paths, I guess the mkisofs command will be similar to what used to reconstruct the Solaris 10 x86 DVD and CD1. How can I create a iso image of solaris operating system. Thank you.

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    Re: How to create ISO images for Solaris

    Solaris 10 DVD image files :

    So Why DVD?
    A DVD-ROM has the same dimensions as a CD but can hold up to 6-7 times the amount of information. Most computer systems sold today ship with a DVD drive. Using a DVD to install the Solaris operating system requires only one disk, eliminating multiple CD changes. With the advent of Solaris software on DVD, Sun Solaris may stop distributing software on CD at some point in the future. If you obtain the software via download, selecting DVD has additional benefit to: you only have to burn a single disk. However, many utilities found on the Internet or included with various operating systems do not function properly with files that exceed 2GB in size, and a DVD image can be much larger than that. To minimize this problem, Sun has broken the Solaris 10 DVD image into parts five. To reconstitute the full DVD image:

    - Download the five parts for the platform of your choice,
    - Unzip the individual files,
    Concatenate the five files

    For UNIX:
    Using the UNIX cat command, copy the files in the correct order, into a single file named:
    "Sol-10-GA-x86-dvd.iso" for x86, or
    "Sol-10-GA-sp-dvd.iso" for SPARC:

    Note: The correct syntax for the cat command is: "cat file1 file2 ... [profiles]> file" where file1, file2, filen are the download images and "file" is the. Iso file you are creating.

    For Windows:
    To concatenate the files, type copy / b file1 + file2 [+ filen] file at command prompt (file1 through profiles are the images that were downloaded. All files should be concatenated into a single file named:
    "Sol-10-GA-x86-dvd.iso" for x86, or
    "Sol-10-GA-sp-dvd.iso" for SPARC:

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    Re: How to create ISO images for Solaris

    If you need to boot it from the usb , an alternative to create cd, here it is. I want my little server for my office building one. Should be used with Open Solaris. Have here a nice little system called ICO Picosys 2990 in the c't discovered what would fit. So far so good. The box has no CD / DVD Gedöhns, so one can boot from USB. So USBCopy and usb-image downloaded and tried:

    Found the following USB devices:
    3.8 GB Transcend 4GB JetFlash
    Enter the number of your choice: 0

    WARNING: All data on your USB storage will be lost.
    Are you sure you want to install to
    Transcend 4GB JetFlash 8:07, 800 MB at / dev/rdsk/c9t0d0p0? (Y / n) y
    Image (812 MB) is larger than the device (800 MB)
    Installation aborted

    In the script there is this line: sz = $ (($ (sz %%.*} * 1000 + $ (sz ##*.} * 100)). In my case, this is nonsense, unfortunately, because I have had the LANG environment variable, and thus the language to en_US.UTF-8. So either set LANG = en_US, or in the script sz%%, * and # * sz, began. Or add the script something, and then it works everywhere in the world:

    # Make sure we get the right versions of the commands
    PATH = / usr / sbin: / usr / bin
    LANG = en_US

    And I have already install a USB stick with Open Solaris as a live system or even to.
    How to install openSolaris

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